How to Get $100 Worth of Free Wedding Stationary at Staples

When all is said and done, it’s amazing how many pieces of paper your wedding will consume! Here’s a list:

  • Save the Date Notestyping-vintage-technology-keyboard
  • Invitations
  • Menus
  • RSVPs
  • Seating Placeholders
  • Return labels
  • Ceremony Programs
  • Thank You Cards
  • Photo Prints

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get even one of those at a discount?

Staples Premier = 10% Back in Rewards!

If you reach Staples Plus status, you’ll get a $25 in-store copy and print voucher. Once you make it to Staples Premier status, you’ll get an additional $50.

Screenshot (174)

Certainly, $1,000 is a long way to go to get $75 for free! Keep in mind you’ll get $10 on your way to Plus (2% back on $500) and another $15 on your way to Premier (3% back on the next $500.) Ultimately, on $1,000, that would be $75 + 10 + 15 = $100, or a full 10% back.

How the heck do I spend $1,000 at Staples?

Run Errands for Other Organizations

Your expenses will add up quickly if you’re a small business owner, teacher, etc. The goal is to spend as little as possible out of pocket to maximize your rewards. Here’s an idea – maybe you are involved with a non profit or other volunteer organization that needs supplies. Think about church leaflets, fundraising flyers, and so on. They may let you take care of the purchase and refund you later; if you use your reward number, those expenses will count toward your total.

Purchase Other Stationary at Staples

There are so many great places to purchase wedding stationary, you’ll have to really do some price shopping to make sure this is the best deal. If it is, let’s assume you purchase 100 invitations for $2 each – you’ve already spent 20% ($200 of $1,000) of your total. Don’t forget the envelopes! Be sure to follow the steps below to maximize your savings.

Maximize Rebate Offers

Keep an eye on Staples Easy Rebates! They are easy! It seems like every week includes a free paper offer. Find this week’s offers here. If you can get one free $5 ream of paper each week (usually the offer say “limit 4”) that’s going to be $250 ($5 * 50) in one year. There are often great resale opportunities when Staples offers 20% back in Rewards or 15% off, for example. They even price match 110%. Look for Keurig machines, routers, and other low weight, high price items. I’ve spent $1,000 in a day at Staples just on resale purchases! My Amazon store was happy.

Maximize Your Savings at Staples With These Steps

1. Extend your $75 with Coupons

It’s common to find 15 and 20% off coupons. Use these with your Copy & Print vouchers – just have them type in the code at the bottom.


2a. Use Chase Ink for an Additional 5%

This business card offers a 5% bonus on office supply stores. Don’t have one? Consider using my referral link; you’ll get 60,000 points when you spend $5,000 in the first three months, which is redeemable for at least $600. $1,000 at Staples will earn you 5,000 points, worth at least $50.

2b. Pay with Discover Deals Gift Cards to Save Up to 30%

Redeem your Discover Cashback for $25 gift cards with a limit of 5 per order.

For every $100, you can get $20 off! That’s 20%! Now, your $1,000 in purchases only cost $800.

You’ll still get $100 back in rewards – $100 back on $800 is 12.5%.

When you consider your $200 savings ($20 * 10) plus $100 in rewards, this is like paying $700 for $1,000 worth of Staples merchandise, or a 30% discount without using any coupons! staplesdiscover


3. Don’t forget the portals!

While you’re on your way to $1,000, ensure you make your purchases through a portal!

My Experience

I was unable to apply my $50 to an online order for in store pickup, so plan on spending time at the store finalizing your design. My $50 (plus $4 out of pocket for taxes) was enough for a 24×36″ photo print, a wonderful custom return address stamp (if you aren’t having your envelopes printed, this will save you a lot of work!) and 500 business cards – which I can’t wait to pick up! You can have quite the variety of products printed at your store – stop in and chat with them or call to ask.


How will you spend your Staples Copy & Print Reward?

Which stationary item are you most excited to get for free with your reward?


25% Off Wedding Stationary at Staples

Staples is on my list of great options for wedding stationary. Save the dates, invitations, thank yous, programs, etc. They have over four dozen designs, all of which are under $1 each, and envelopes are included. The other option is the Create-Your-Own, where you’re able to upload your own image. This could, of course, be a photo…or you could find a low cost graphic designer to create a custom invitation for you (try and get a custom piece or see what they have in their portfolio that might be cheaper – prices start at $5!). There are also a number of sites with completely free stock photos that you can use if you’re the do-it-yourself type; try or and search for terms like “background” or “flourish” for subtle designs.

Use code “Invite25” for 25% off your purchase.

StaplesInviteAt first glance, it looks like the cheapest options are $14.99 for 25. Taking an additional 25% off makes them $0.45 each. The more you order, the cheaper they get; 100 are $56.99, and after the 25% discount, only $0.43 each. These are Create-Your-Own “same day wedding invitations.

$14.99 for 25

Of course, we can do better by shopping through a portal; take a look at the options from cashbackmonitor (not familiar with portals? check here):

Staples Cashback


If you happen to have a Chase Ink business credit card, you’ll earn 5 pts per dollar at Staples, regardless of which portal you use.

What do you think? Will you design your own or go with an existing product? If not Staples, where are you shopping for your wedding stationary? This was one of the hardest decisions for me because I thought the invitation really “set the tone” for the whole event! Have fun!

$350 in freebies this weekend! You can DO this!

Free skillet, yoga pants, almost free beer, video games, lunch, golf glove, security software, and a nice hotel room suite…not bad! I estimate we racked up around $350 in freebies in 48 hours!

                                                                 Just a few things we racked up this weekend.

I understand that coupons, credit cards, portals, and rebates can get to be overwhelming. Maybe there’s something wrong with me, because I actually think it’s fun…but it can be done, and profitably. Here’s a recap of one of the best weekend’s worth of bargains I can remember!

Hubby was flying back in to town on Saturday, so we spent a night in LA and I indulged in every kind of savings trick I know. Here’s how it added up:

Gas Money: used Discover via Apple Pay to get 10% back now, 20% back later. On a ~$50 tank of gas, that saved me $10.

Hotel: redeemed 30,000 points from IHG card ($49 annual fee earns a one-night voucher, sign up bonus was 70,000 points) rather than paying ~$200.

Oktoberfest: paid cash for beer, cash for entry, etc…cash withdrawn from Amex Target Prepaid Redcard, which was loaded with Vanilla Visas that were purchased via Apple Pay to get 10% back now, 20% back later…call it a $20 savings.

World Market: I’ve always wanted a skillet! This one was free! Hubby also got an expensive beer…remember that Shop Your Way Rewards NewBrands offer? I redeemed the $25 gift card and a 10% discount code they sent for joining their loyalty program, so my $27 purchase only cost $2…blame that beer. How could I say no?

Sports Authority: Guess what’s coming up? My birthday! Sports Authority sent a no-strings-attached $10 voucher. I’d also recently splurged on a pair of Brooks, so I had an $8.50 loyalty reward (5% back). There was also a 20% coupon on their website today, so I got a golf glove ($13.99) and hubby found a $15.99 gizmo we probably didn’t need. How could I say no? (Recurring trend…I must like him.) Total out of pocket ended up being around $10, so Sports Authority managed to get us to spend some extra money afterall. Still, I could have absolutely picked up just $20 worth of merchandise, used my coupons, and paid nada. Some times you’ve got to live a little. 🙂

Chado Tea: I bought a LivingSocial voucher in August as an impulse buy – it was a tea and chocolate pairing that I thought I’d be torturing hubby with, but tea and chocolate are two of my favorite things…turns out we absolutely loved it and ended up spending about $25 on tea after we enjoyed the pairing, and intend on picking up a few more accessories. Have you ever heard of blooming tea? What a magic trick! This place was awesome. Anyway, the pairing was supposed to be $15 each. Of course, it was half off via LivingSocial, plus I had a 20% coupon, and I purchased through a portal to save me another 10%. Instead of a $30 activity, it was around $12. Chado Tea came out ahead, just like Sports Authority, because we spent a lot more than we intended on tea for ourselves and as gifts, but it was a great experience!

                Holy cow! This looked like a marble when she dropped it in, and it bloomed after about 3 minutes!

Dave & Buster’s: If McDonald’s gold arches are child magnets, D&B’s is a husband magnet. We can’t pass within ten miles and not stop. Even better, I had a free $10 game credit and we had both purchased $25 gift cards from Sam’s Club for $24, via Amex Offers to receive a $20 statement credit. In other words, we each paid $4 for $25 gift cards. We spent one on a late lunch and the other on a buy-$20-get-$20-free game credit. So, for about $16 (including taxes and tip) we had lunch and went through $60 worth of game credits. Oh, and we also set high scores on, like, all the games…it was fun!

Staples: There’s a great free-after-rebate at Staples this week for Kaspersky security software. They’re $39.99 with a $17.99 instant savings plus a $22 rebate and you can get three. Here’s the fine print:


Purchase a Kaspersky AntiVirus 1 User (SKUs 1809295, 1910467) at Staples stores, or Staples catalog between 10/11/15 and 10/17/15, then submit online or mail it in to receive a Visa Prepaid card. Limit 3 rebates per name/address/household.


STAPLES ( Dept. 15-36903 ),
PO Box 540036
EL PASO, TX 88554-0036

There is also a $20 off $70 via Visa Checkout. That would be $22 * 3 = $66 + $4 worth of whatever = $70 – $20 = $50, pay with Chase Ink to receive 5x miles (250 miles), get $66 back in Staples Easy Rebates…that’s $16 profit plus 250 miles plus $4 worth of whatever. 🙂 It worked like a charm – just choose “pay with Visa Checkout” when you’re checking out.

Screenshot (49)

Under Armour: As I explained, I cashed in on this week’s SYWR NewBrands deal. I purchased a $25 gift card, which I expect to earn 25,000 SYWR points ($25 value). Then, I spent it on a pair of pants + a filler item (which I’ll actually sell for a $5 profit), learned about for a 10% discount (more on that later), and have already received $9 back in SYWR points (5,000 was 10% back on the $25 purchase and the 4500 or so was 10% back on the pants purchase, I think…still waiting on the 10,000? I don’t know!)

…well, I think that’s it! Check in tomorrow for an update on the latest SYWR NewBrands deal and don’t miss out on the Staples/Kaspersky/Visa Checkout opportunity!

40 Free Reams of Paper + $35 Profit (Less Tax)

I don’t know what’s going on over at Staples, but they are literally going to pay you to take 80 lbs of paper off their hands. That’s ok with me; I’ll take the freebies and the travel points, especially with my Chase Ink…it gets me 5 miles per dollar!

Although the rebate in this post is valid until 10/10, the deal ends with the price changes…so don’t delay!

How The Deal Works

Much like this previous deal, you have to make a few things come together:

  1. Find Item #122374 at your local Staples. Buy up to four!
  2. Have the cashier price-match to (brings the price from $53.99 to $29.99), for a total of $119.96 for four.
  3. Start at Staples Easy Rebates and search for rebates by item number 122374.
  4. Print, fill out, and MAIL IN the rebate with your receipt. (Note: I suggest going with USPS First Class including tracking and insurance, all purchased and printed from Pack up your letter or parcel and get it scanned at the Post Office. Keep an eye on the tracking information; you might even opt for a signature. Total cost should be around $5.) I know the fine print says “submit online,” but I don’t see the option over at the Rebates site…will update if I’m able to submit online tomorrow.
  5. Wait patiently for your rebate Visa card to arrive, which will be worth $39 per case or $156 total.
  6. Optionally call the number on the letter and request a check instead of the rebate card (so you can just deposit the money and be done with it all).

Here’s the fine print for the skeptics:

Purchase a Hammermill 8.5 x 11 Inch Copy Plus Copy Paper 10 Ream Case (SKU 122374) at Staples stores between 10/04/15 and 10/10/15, then submit online or mail it in to receive a Visa Prepaid card. Limit 4 rebates per name/address/household.

You can pay with Staples Rewards, if you have them, which will not disqualify you from the Staples Easy Rebate. I’ve got around $80 to burn through and a Staples Gift Card from a previous rebate, so I’ll be glad to cash those in!

That’s it! You’ll get 20,000 sheets of paper (WHEW) and make up to $9 per case (less tax) PLUS up to 5% in Staples Rewards and, finally, whatever credit card points you’re in the process of accumulating. If you personally don’t have use for that much paper, I’m sure there is a school, church, or animal shelter in town that would be happy to receive your tax-deductible donation!

Any questions?

I have a lot of practice with these, so let me know if I’ve brushed over a detail that you’re unclear on. I’m happy to edit the post. Full disclosure: I 100% intend on buying my paper tomorrow!

Please Don’t Delay!

In an effort to get this deal out (and thereby promote Unveiled Savings) I want to share this great offer with the consumers over at SlickDeals. There is this little thing called “the SlickDeals effect,” where really great deals get so much publicity they tend to bog down the vendor. So that you’re able to get your rebate fulfilled before this happens, please do your shopping on Monday or Tuesday!

Up to $150 worth of Staples Merchandise for $7, Ends Tomorrow

Here’s an example of pulling a whole lot of promotions together. Maybe you don’t need another 10,000 sheets of paper, but maybe you have a new credit card that has a spend limit, you’ll donate the supplies, or you don’t mind $40 worth of deeply discounted snacks, water, coffee, cleaning supplies…for the DIY couple, this isn’t a bad deal!

Minimum Deal: 10,000 Sheets of Paper for $15-18 (plus tax) plus miles of your choosing

Two more cases of paper (did you get in on last week’s deal?). Item number 122374, rebate code 15-33002 ( purchase).

Start at the portal of your choice. Looks like a deal opportunity from Southwest Rapid Rewards at the moment!


Be sure to sign in to your Staples Easy Rewards account for ~$2 (2%) back (depending on what you spend at Staples in a month, you may not get a reward; I believe you have to get $5 at a minimum). I’m a premier member, so I get 5% back.

Good Deal: 10,000 Sheets of Paper for $10-13 (plus tax) plus miles of your choosing

Check your email! Did you get a $5 off $25 code? The email, sent today, is actually titled, “A delicious deal on coffee.” The bottom icon is a code for $5 off $25 in store or online.

Better Deal: 10,000 Sheets of Paper for FREE (plus tax) plus miles of your choosing

You’ve got to be a Chase Sapphire card holder (and you should be!). This promo gets you a $15 statement credit at any of the listed stores when you use Visa Checkout. Here’s the terms and conditions. If you’re not a current card holder, you won’t be able to participate in this promotion because it ends tomorrow…but leave a comment and I’ll be on the lookout for great sign up bonuses.

Alternative Deal: 10,000 Sheets of Paper plus miles of your choosing and $42 worth of whatever for $7

I must admit I have not made my final selection of “whatever,” but I’ve added the codes to my cart and there don’t seem to be any issues. Will update if there’s a problem!

You’ve got to be a Chase Ink (business) card holder (and you should be!). This promo gets you a $30 discount when you spend $150 at Staples via Visa Checkout. Time for some math…

The paper came out to $108. A $30 discount on $150 would put me at $120. So, if add an additional $42 in merchandise, it will only cost me $12. ($150-$30-$108 = $12) Since Staples carries ‘staples’ such as food, coffee, water, and cleaning supplies, I’ll stock up. Plus, the Ink card offers 5 miles/dollar at office stores, which means I’ll get about $5 back on this purchase anyway. Here’s the final tally:

$108 paper

$42 cleaning/snacks

-$88 rebate credit

-$5 Ink rewards

-$5 Staples Easy Rewards

-$30 Credit

-$5 off $25 Coupon


$7 total plus around 400 Southwest Rapid Rewards miles, valued at ~$4.

If I were to calculate the discount of $7/$150, that would be just about 95% off…if we cut everything else out and say $7/$42, that’s around 85% off. Not shabby, either way.


I’ll probably pull the trigger on this one and make the $150 purchase! Since I regularly sell merchandise as an Amazon Seller, I can easily profit around $20 per case of paper, so I ultimately come out ahead. But, that’s a story for another day and just my personal opinion!

I will be shopping around the other Visa Checkout options tonight to see how to best maximize that $15 off. If I can find an item for $15 with free shipping (Fandango, perhaps?), it would be another free gift!

Questions? Comments?

Please let me know if this is confusing in any way. It is a complicated example of making a lot of promotions work together, which you will become proficient with as you shop and save on a long list of purchases!