Up to 34% Off Engagement Rings at Zales!

This is a darn good deal!

If you’re not a Discover cardholder and it’s diamond-shoppin’ time, you might want to take a few minutes to consider this option.


First, sign up for your card at discover.com/double – this DOUBLES all cash back for your first year as a cardholder (plus offers no interest for a whole year! See the last portion of the post for more…) So, when you see Discover Deals (the Discover portal) offering 10% back, that makes it an easy 20% back. Zales has 10% back through the end of the year – just be sure to read the fine print, as it says not valid with other offers. But, does that rule really apply? The answer is “YMMV” – your mileage may vary (you’ll see this expression around many travel blogs and deal sites as a disclaimer that the promotion might not work exactly as advertised, so proceed at your own discretion.) Zales is currently offering 15% off on $1,500, but it may not pair with the Discover offer. So, it’s your choice whether or not to take the chance. Let’s do the math and decide.

Just the 15% Off: Assuming you’re buying a $2,000 engagement ring. That would trigger the 15% off, or a $1,700 sticker price. You should probably use a new credit card that has a sign up bonus on $1,000 so you can make progress toward that free honeymoon! However, if you use your Discover card, you’ll get the standard 1% back, doubled to 2%, for an extra $34 off. Your price would be $1,668.

Just the 20% Back at Discover: Assuming you’re buying a $2,000 engagement ring, your price would be $2,000 and you’ll get $400 in cash back through the bonus plus the standard 1%, or $20, doubled to $40. Your price would be $1,580.

Use both, cross your fingers it works:  Assuming you’re buying a $2,000 engagement ring, your price would be $1,700 after the 15% discount and you’ll get $340 in cash back through the bonus plus the standard 1%, or $17, doubled to $34. End price is $1,326 – a total discount of about 34% off!

What would I do? I would definitely use the 15% off code and shop through the Discover portal! I could save an ADDITIONAL 16% over just using the 20% portal offer ($1,326 vs $1,580), and will pay an “extra” 6%, at most, if I only get the 15% without the cash back bonus ($1,668 vs $1,580.) The only factor that might change my mind would be a significant travel bonus if I used a non-Discover card on the purchase.

Don’t know what you’re shopping for?

If you need help picking out a stone online, don’t hesitate to ask for help. I also suggest the folks over at Price Scope and the Holloway Cut Adviser as great tools for your search. You should pop in to a store or two to get a feel for your personal preference and corresponding prices to make sure this is the best deal you can find.

I might be poking around for a gift for myself, with these prices…

Obligatory financial responsibility statement

Using a credit card takes responsibility. This card happens to come with 0% interest for ONE YEAR. In other words, if you can’t pay off the purchase in ONE YEAR, don’t make it! The rates skyrocket to 10-20% in the 13th month, which will immediately wipe out any savings from using the card!

$145 Manufacturing Spend at Tiger Direct – Free Stuff, Free Points

Here’s the shopping list for current in-stock, free after rebate products at Tiger Direct. Most of these deals end today, so act fast! Also note that some of the items have quantity 2 – go for it!

You’ll want to check out with a Visa card via Visa Checkout for $25 off $100.

If you’re an ibotta user, click through the app to get a link sent to your email; that’ll be an extra $10 back. Yes, that link is my referral code (here it is again!) – I’ll get a couple dollars if you sign up through me, and you’ll get a couple dollars, too!

Screenshot (90)

Screenshot (91)


Total price is $144, less $25 via Visa Checkout, which is $119. You’ll also get $10 through ibotta, so on a $119 purchase you will “profit” $35 (Visa + ibotta), get the 119 in credit card points, and have a stack of stuff to gift/sell on ebay/craigslist etc.

When you check out, TigerDirect is nice enough to give you a list of links to the rebate you qualify for. You’ll have to spend probably around an hour on those forms and will have to pay for a handful of stamps. Be careful not to miss any UPC codes, signatures, or deadlines.

Kohl’s Black Friday Offer SCALED BACK: Updated Information

Well, dang. I have some good news and some bad news. The offer is still definitely worth taking advantage of! Read all the way to the bottom for at least one way to get the appliances for free. That’s up to ten gifts – holidays, wedding events, your own registry…while the rebates are valid now at Kohls.com, you want to wait until midnight tonight or you won’t get Kohl’s Cash!

Bad News First

Kohl’s teased us with their Black Friday ad a few weeks ago, and left out an important details: how many rebates could we actually redeem?

Now that the rebate forms came out today (posted below) we can see that they allow only five ITEMS per HOUSEHOLD per OFFER. Bummer! I’ll only be taking advantage of Offer #15-42482 and Offer #15-42401. The Toastmaster rebate isn’t allowed online; if it pops up, I’ll jump on it…but for now, I think it might be an in-store only offer.

The items are still $19.99 each. One offer provides a $12 rebate per item; the second is a $10 rebate per item. Here’s the updated math:

First Group: $19.99 each, $12 Rebate, 5 Items Allowed

  • Buy one of each, total $19.99 * 5 = $99.95
    • Submit $12 rebate per item = $60
    • Earn two $15 Kohl’s Cash credits = $30
    • Earn $5 Yes2You Rewards per $100 = $5 (maybe, not sure about rounding)

Second Group: $19.99 each, $10 Rebate, 5 Items Allowed

  • Buy one of each, total $19.99 * 5 = $99.95
    • Submit $10 rebate per item = $50
    • Earn two $15 Kohl’s Cash credits = $30
    • Earn $5 Yes2You Rewards per $100 = $5 (maybe, not sure about rounding)


  • Cost: $99.95 + 99.95 = $199.90
  • Rebates earned: $60 + 50 = $110
  • Kohl’s Cash earned: $60
  • Earn $5 Yes2You Rewards per $100 = $10, not counted in math
    • $199.90 – 110 – 60 = $29.90
    • Price each: $29.90/10 = $2.99
      • Doesn’t include tax!
      • Price is “after rewards,” so you’ll still have Kohl’s Cash and Yes2You to redeem.

Good News

It sounds like a 15% off coupon will be going life tomorrow. Try code DEALS15 or RMN15OFF. Let’s look at how that affects our math, going with the total price of $199.90:


  • Cost: $99.95 + 99.95 = $199.90
  • Rebates earned: $60 + 50 = $110
  • 15% Discount on $100 or more = $29.98, new total = $169.91
  • Kohl’s Cash earned: $45

  • Earn $5 Yes2You Rewards per $100 = $5, not counted in math
    • $169.91 – 110 – 45 = $14.91
    • Price each: $14.91/10 = $1.49
      • Doesn’t include tax!
      • Price is “after rewards,” so you’ll still have Kohl’s Cash and Yes2You to redeem.

Obviously, it’s worth using that 15% discount and foregoing the $15 Kohl’s Cash!

Don’t Forget a Portal!

There are a number of holiday portal promotions going on. You’ll qualify for a bonus with this purchase! Here’s a brief summary, since I need to decide which to use:

  • American Airlines: 450 bonus miles on $150+ purchase plus 8 miles/dollar = 1176 miles for ~$15
  • United Airlines MileagePlus: 500 bonus miles on $150+ purchase plus 4 miles/dollar = 1176 miles for ~$15
  • Discover Deals: 10% Back (Doubles to 20% if you’re in on that deal!) = $16.90 or $33.80, makes your appliances free!
  • Southwest: 500 bonus miles on $150+ purchase plus 2 miles/dollar = 838 miles for ~$15

There are bigger bonuses on ~$500 or ~$1000 purchases, but I doubt we will get to that with this promo alone.

How will YOU use this deal?


2,000 IHG Rewards Points with your Dinner Date

The IHG Rewards Club Dining program is well worth joining with their current generous promotion: spend $30 within 30 days, get 2,000 points. It’s worth pointing out that this is a whole 66 points per dollar! Wow!


This offer is only available to new members. Simply join before the 12/30/2015 deadline and spend $30 at a participating restaurant within 30 days. Don’t forget to complete the review; it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, and in past experience most of these programs send a reminder.

If you aren’t planning a night out (and hey, if you’re pinching pennies, I understand!) you should be able to buy a $30 gift card and qualify for the bonus – save the gift card for a special occassion. Other options are to find places like The Wine Steward (in Hampstead, NH) or WineNot (in Nashua, NH) and pick up gifts for the holidays, wedding events, and so on.

Don’t rush to join until you know you’re going to be splurging; I definitely should have held off another few days to hit up WineNot, but instead it looks like we’ll be visiting the Biergarten before our pals’ wedding in a few weeks!

Where are you going to go to get your 2,000 points?

22 Kitchen Appliances for ~$2.49 Each!

EDIT: The rebate forms are out and restrict us to 5 ITEMS per HOUSEHOLD per OFFER. However, an extra 15% and great holiday portal bonuses make this an outstanding buy. Check here for the details.

One of my favorite annual sales is Kohl’s Black Friday. It takes into account all of the fun ways to save…sale prices, rebates, store loyalty credit, and manufactured spend…plus, portal points if we’re lucky! This is an awesome opportunity to stock up on 22 brand new kitchen appliances, regularly $20-$40 at 95% off, or grab gifts for the holidays/wedding showers/registries/wedding party gifts…the list goes on!

You can find the Black Friday ad here. This offer will be available in-store and online; online quantities tend to sell out pretty quickly, so stay tuned to find out exactly when the deal goes live (midnight central time?) or get to the store and grab a shopping cart!

Take a look below for newspaper clippings of my favorite deals:



Each of these items is eligible for either a $10 or $12 rebate ($12 on the first set, $10 on the two subsequent.) You’ll be able to find them by going to Kohls.com and searching “rebates.” They’re valid only on Thurs-Fri, Nov 26-27. In years past, a shopper could get five rebates per product. That’s a total of 110 rebates!

Because you’ll be mailing in a lot of UPC codes with a lot of money at stake, I recommend printing a label (my preference is paypal.com/shipnow) and insuring it up to the value of your rebates. I don’t even want to think about that important envelope getting lost in the mail. Be sure to stop by the post office and get a receipt for dropping off your package in case they lose it, or you’ll have no claim!

Loyalty Credit – Kohl’s Cash

To make it better, Kohl’s has a once-a-year $15 Kohl’s Cash on $50 purchase offer. The cash triggers at 96% of the $50, or $48…so don’t worry that you’re missing it by a couple pennies!

Loyalty Credit – Yes2You Rewards

On top of Kohl’s Cash, you’ll earn one Yes2You Rewards point for each dollar spent; at 100 points, Kohl’s will issue a $5 reward. In other words, it’s a 5% credit issued on each $100 spent. I didn’t actually include this in the calculations below; consider it a little bonus for your hard work.

Portal Points

If we’re able to order online, we can plan on at least two points per dollar at the airline or hotel company of our choice.

Manufactured Spent

If your friends are interested, you could sell them appliances for just a few dollars. They’ll get an amazing deal, and you get to spend money on your credit card for points! For example, you might spend $20 on a given product that, after all the rebates, only cost you $2.50. That’s a good deal for something you want to keep, and a great deal if you have someone to sell it to for $2-3! Who wouldn’t spend $3 for a Crockpot?

Let’s Add It Up

I’ll do the math for one of each item, and then multiply it by five – although it’s extremely unlikely anyone will be able to pick up all the items before they sell out. I would encourage you to do a little advance planning and work out the numbers – increments of $50 are important to maximizing the Kohl’s Cash returns. Here’s how it goes:

First Group: $19.99 each, $12 Rebate, 5 Items

  • Buy one of each, total $19.99 * 5 = $99.95
    • Submit $12 rebate per item = $60
    • Earn two $15 Kohl’s Cash credits = $30
    • Earn $5 Yes2You Rewards per $100 = $5

Second Group: $19.99 each, $10 Rebate, 10 Items

  • Buy one of each, total $19.99 * 10 = $199.90
    • Submit $10 rebate per item = $100
    • Earn four $15 Kohl’s Cash credits = $60
    • Earn $5 Yes2You Rewards per $100 = $10

Third Group: $14.99 each, $10 Rebate, 7 Items

  • Buy one of each, total $14.99 * 7 = $104.93
    • Submit $10 rebate per item = $70
    • Earn two $15 Kohl’s Cash credits = $30
    • Earn $5 Yes2You Rewards per $100 = $5


  • Cost: $99.95 + 199.90 + 104.93 = $404.78
  • Rebates earned: $60 + 100 + 70 = $230
  • Kohl’s Cash earned: $120
  • Earn $5 Yes2You Rewards per $100 = $20, not counted in math
    • $404.78 – 230 – 120 = $54.78
    • Price each: $54.78/22 = $2.49
      • Doesn’t include tax!
      • Price is “after rewards,” so you’ll still have Kohl’s Cash and Yes2You to redeem.

If you’re able to get five units per item, here’s the math:

  • Cost: $99.95*5 + 199.90*5 + 104.93*5 = $2023.90
  • Rebates earned: $60*5 + 100*5 + 70*5 = $1150
  • Kohl’s Cash earned: $600
  • Yes2You earned: $100, not counted in math
    • $2023.90 – 1150 – 600 = $273.90
    • Price each: $273.90/(22*5) = $2.49
      • Doesn’t include tax!
      • Price is “after rewards,” so you’ll still have Kohl’s Cash and Yes2You to redeem.

Will you take advantage of this deal?

I know this is an opportunity to spend $2,000 on a credit card of my choosing, earn at least 4,000 points to the program of my choosing, get an extra $100 bonus in Yes2You Rewards for whatever I want to spend them on, and give great gifts at awesome prices. Some of these items retail for $40, so a price of $2.49 is around 95% off! You might be wondering how I’ll spend that $600 in Kohl’s Cash; haven’t decided! I’m an Amazon reseller, so I usually find a few products to buy at Kohl’s and sell online. If you’re not into that, maybe you have some regular Christmas shopping to do. Think through whether or not you can make good use of that $600 in Kohl’s Cash; else, you’ve lost that money and need to incorporate it into the price of each appliance.

I’m interested in your thoughts! Leave a comment if you’ll be shopping the Kohl’s Black Friday deal!

How to Navigate Shop Your Way Rewards

I’m a big fan of this program because Sears and Kmart carry everything! There’s no concern for having points you can’t spend – just do your grocery shopping online or at Kmart. Of course, you might find a chance to spend points on wedding items such as high heel inserts, shawls, handbags, costume jewelry, decorations, bachelor and bachelorette party goods, or registry items that never got filled. If you can double dip – go out for dinner for $25 and get 25,000 points ($25 value) back that you can spend on other wedding expenses – that’s a great deal!

The following screen shots will get you to the Shop Your Way Rewards deals!

  1. Start at www.shopyourway.com.
  2. Click the little ellipse.

ellipse3. Select Rewards Partners


4. Select Offers


5. From here, you’ll scroll down and see what’s up and running (like the Double the Spoints or $25 Back) – just click on the banner.

6. Scroll to the very bottom (you can also do this from Step 5) to view the fine print. Read carefully!

7. Collect screenshots and fine print in case your points don’t show up later. It’s tough to make a case without the photos to help you recall details.



Questions? Leave them in the comments! Enjoy!

Who needs a night out? $25 in local food and drinks, free after points!

Shop Your Way Rewards (SYWR) is full of offers lately! Take a look at this or this post about a few recent offers. Not sure how this works? Read about portals and it will make a lot more sense! You can even follow the Shop Your Way Rewards guide to find the latest and greatest deals.

This offer works when you link a card to your Shop Your Way Rewards profile. Here’s the link! When you use it in a participating store, you’ll get back some percentage of your purchase in rewards – just like an online portal for brick and mortar stores.

So, on to the deal.

Spend up to $25 at a local restaurant, get 100% back in SYWR! So, if you buy a $25 gift card (as I recommend), you will receive 25,000 SYWR points, redeemable at Sears, Kmart, etc. Not bad, huh? Of course, if you only spend $3, you’ll only get 3,000…that’s why I suggest you buy the full $25 gift card to maximize this offer. You can redeem points on your groceries, so I don’t personally have any concerns about racking up too many points.


You can access this site from the ShopYourWay.com site – click the “…” then Partner Rewards then Offers. Then, choose “Eat Local” and filter off the Online restaurants. Please note that the fine print says Popeyes and Burger King are excluded!

Here’s what the site looks like. There are a lot of options, no matter where you look. The map doesn’t update when you scroll, so just keep trying neighboring cities until you find something you like.



In dear old Federal Hill, some of the neighborhood’s favorites are participating!

Screenshot (54)

Of course, if you’ve got a credit card you’re trying to meet a spend minimum on, this is another easy $25!

So, where are you taking your free night out?

$350 in freebies this weekend! You can DO this!

Free skillet, yoga pants, almost free beer, video games, lunch, golf glove, security software, and a nice hotel room suite…not bad! I estimate we racked up around $350 in freebies in 48 hours!

                                                                 Just a few things we racked up this weekend.

I understand that coupons, credit cards, portals, and rebates can get to be overwhelming. Maybe there’s something wrong with me, because I actually think it’s fun…but it can be done, and profitably. Here’s a recap of one of the best weekend’s worth of bargains I can remember!

Hubby was flying back in to town on Saturday, so we spent a night in LA and I indulged in every kind of savings trick I know. Here’s how it added up:

Gas Money: used Discover via Apple Pay to get 10% back now, 20% back later. On a ~$50 tank of gas, that saved me $10.

Hotel: redeemed 30,000 points from IHG card ($49 annual fee earns a one-night voucher, sign up bonus was 70,000 points) rather than paying ~$200.

Oktoberfest: paid cash for beer, cash for entry, etc…cash withdrawn from Amex Target Prepaid Redcard, which was loaded with Vanilla Visas that were purchased via Apple Pay to get 10% back now, 20% back later…call it a $20 savings.

World Market: I’ve always wanted a skillet! This one was free! Hubby also got an expensive beer…remember that Shop Your Way Rewards NewBrands offer? I redeemed the $25 gift card and a 10% discount code they sent for joining their loyalty program, so my $27 purchase only cost $2…blame that beer. How could I say no?

Sports Authority: Guess what’s coming up? My birthday! Sports Authority sent a no-strings-attached $10 voucher. I’d also recently splurged on a pair of Brooks, so I had an $8.50 loyalty reward (5% back). There was also a 20% coupon on their website today, so I got a golf glove ($13.99) and hubby found a $15.99 gizmo we probably didn’t need. How could I say no? (Recurring trend…I must like him.) Total out of pocket ended up being around $10, so Sports Authority managed to get us to spend some extra money afterall. Still, I could have absolutely picked up just $20 worth of merchandise, used my coupons, and paid nada. Some times you’ve got to live a little. 🙂

Chado Tea: I bought a LivingSocial voucher in August as an impulse buy – it was a tea and chocolate pairing that I thought I’d be torturing hubby with, but tea and chocolate are two of my favorite things…turns out we absolutely loved it and ended up spending about $25 on tea after we enjoyed the pairing, and intend on picking up a few more accessories. Have you ever heard of blooming tea? What a magic trick! This place was awesome. Anyway, the pairing was supposed to be $15 each. Of course, it was half off via LivingSocial, plus I had a 20% coupon, and I purchased through a portal to save me another 10%. Instead of a $30 activity, it was around $12. Chado Tea came out ahead, just like Sports Authority, because we spent a lot more than we intended on tea for ourselves and as gifts, but it was a great experience!

                Holy cow! This looked like a marble when she dropped it in, and it bloomed after about 3 minutes!

Dave & Buster’s: If McDonald’s gold arches are child magnets, D&B’s is a husband magnet. We can’t pass within ten miles and not stop. Even better, I had a free $10 game credit and we had both purchased $25 gift cards from Sam’s Club for $24, via Amex Offers to receive a $20 statement credit. In other words, we each paid $4 for $25 gift cards. We spent one on a late lunch and the other on a buy-$20-get-$20-free game credit. So, for about $16 (including taxes and tip) we had lunch and went through $60 worth of game credits. Oh, and we also set high scores on, like, all the games…it was fun!

Staples: There’s a great free-after-rebate at Staples this week for Kaspersky security software. They’re $39.99 with a $17.99 instant savings plus a $22 rebate and you can get three. Here’s the fine print:


Purchase a Kaspersky AntiVirus 1 User (SKUs 1809295, 1910467) at Staples stores, Staples.com or Staples catalog between 10/11/15 and 10/17/15, then submit online or mail it in to receive a Visa Prepaid card. Limit 3 rebates per name/address/household.


STAPLES ( Dept. 15-36903 ),
PO Box 540036
EL PASO, TX 88554-0036

There is also a $20 off $70 via Visa Checkout. That would be $22 * 3 = $66 + $4 worth of whatever = $70 – $20 = $50, pay with Chase Ink to receive 5x miles (250 miles), get $66 back in Staples Easy Rebates…that’s $16 profit plus 250 miles plus $4 worth of whatever. 🙂 It worked like a charm – just choose “pay with Visa Checkout” when you’re checking out.

Screenshot (49)

Under Armour: As I explained, I cashed in on this week’s SYWR NewBrands deal. I purchased a $25 gift card, which I expect to earn 25,000 SYWR points ($25 value). Then, I spent it on a pair of pants + a filler item (which I’ll actually sell for a $5 profit), learned about ID.me for a 10% discount (more on that later), and have already received $9 back in SYWR points (5,000 was 10% back on the $25 purchase and the 4500 or so was 10% back on the pants purchase, I think…still waiting on the 10,000? I don’t know!)

…well, I think that’s it! Check in tomorrow for an update on the latest SYWR NewBrands deal and don’t miss out on the Staples/Kaspersky/Visa Checkout opportunity!

Free Stuff: Get Paid for your OWN Wedding Planning

Turns out you can actually make money wasting time on the internet with mindless activities. Or, if you’re in the midst of a web-hunt for the perfect napkin rings to match coral fabric on a plantation lana’i (me!) you can actually earn something for this.


In the course of a year, that napkin ring research (and all the other mindless idling) will earn enough to pay for the napkin rings themselves!

You Have to Ditch Google

I know it seems impossible, but you’ll be ok. You can still call it “googling,” even though Google is no longer your search engine.

Bing, that “other” search engine by Windows, has a program called Bing Rewards. You can earn dozens of credits each day, which accumulate toward real, live, gift cards. (I went to grab a photo of all the great prizes and splurged on an instant win game…which I didn’t win…but how much fun is buying “scratch tickets” with credits that were free? Addictive!)

Here’s The Free Stuff You Can Get

In case you need a list of great ways to redeem those credits you got for doin’ nothing (or working hard, either way):

  • Sweepstakes and instant win rewards
  • Charitable donations
    • karmakarma
    • Boys & Girls Clubs of America
    • kids in need foundation
    • Teach for America
  • Points/miles for any of the following:
    • Hawaiian Airlines
    • United
    • US Airways
    • IHG
    • JetBlue
    • Virgin America
    • FuelCircle (what is this? I’ll find out!)
  • Gift cards for any of the following:
    • Amazon
    • Applebee’s
    • Bing gear
    • Burger King
    • Chipotle
    • Domino’s
    • Fandango
    • GameStop
    • Groupon
    • Hulu Plus subscriptions
    • IHOP
    • Macy’s
    • ProFlowers
    • Rixty.com
    • Sephora
    • Shari’s Berries
    • Skype
    • Starbuck’s
    • swagbucks
    • xbox, xbox live, and xbox music
    • Tango
    • Toys R Us
    • Viggle
    • Windows Store
  • Credits for fun merchandise
    • Photos printed on glass (ClickPhotos.com)
    • Shutterfly prints and photo books
  • Discounts
    • Microsoft Store

Here’s How it Works

Quite simply, rather than searching Google, do your research on Bing. I will admit that Google’s shopping tool is irreplaceable, but you’ll figure out what works for you. I do 90% of my searching on Bing and must admit…I love the photos (and sometimes videos!) they use every day. All you need to do is open a Windows account, which will get you a snazzy @hotmail.com inbox, and it works much like that Google account you’re so fond of. If you’d be so kind as to use my link, I’ll even get 100 credits (~$1) when you make it to silver status (if done within 60 days). Be sure to share your own link with your other half, wedding party, etc, and you’ll be cashing out in no time. Don’t want to use my link? Join through e-miles.com to earn credits toward rewards such as airlines miles…welcome to the world of getting paid to get paid to get paid!

But how do I get to Silver Status?

Maybe the better question is, “why do I want to get to silver status?”

You get a 50 credit bonus when you get to silver status, and the only tricky part is remembering to ‘redeem credits for your first reward.’ I know when I saw that, I thought, “why would I want to spend my credits on *insert junk reward that was all I could afford with my current stash of credits*?” Simple! There are rewards that only cost 10 credits, so by spending 10…you earn 50…no brainer!

Here’s the chart, and, as you’ll see, I’m at a gold status – which gives me a nice discount on rewards. Click “Status” to navigate to this page, and then any of the “do this” or “get this” lines of text for direction on completing the activity.

Bing Status

How do I get credits?


The quickest way to earn credits is through referrals, which is why I suggest recruiting your wedding party, friends and family. You can get something like 850 credits, so if you’d like me to feature your link here, go ahead and send it over to me! Can’t find the link to your personal code? Here ya go! (https://www.bing.com/rewards/share, in case the hyperlink failed you.)


That’s obvious. You knew that. 20 per day, 150/mo to maintain gold.

Not sure what to search for? Since searching for colors (type ‘red,’ hit enter…’blue,’ hit enter…) gets boring, I like to use this as an excuse to cheat on crossword puzzles 🙂 Do what you gotta do – it’s free money!

Lastly…don’t forget to change your phone’s default and sign in to your Microsoft account so you’ll even get credit for mobile searches.


Bing has the best kind of trivia ever: they ask you a question right from their website (Bing.com)…and you actually search for the answer. For those of us that rarely contribute anything meaningful to their trivia team…this is great!

What do you think?

Is this an easy way to get something more for doing what you already do? Leave a comment or ask a question below!