Last Day for SYWEverywhere Deal

This deal ends on 4/2. Combine promotions to save across the internet – note that the ebates 14% deal expires in just a few hours.

Step 1: Go to and be sure you’re logged in (while you’re there, do me the favor of selecting me as your Personal Shopper – it helps keep the lights on here at Unveiled Savings and there are bonus coupons in it for you, too!) This makes you eligible for the following offer:


Step 2: Search for where you’ll buy a discounted gift card for the store of your choice. In this case, I’m going to stock up on dog food (although there is a super opportunity to make a profit with the steps I’m outlining here by reselling on eBay or Amazon or Craigslist.)

Step 3: Visit (not a member? Please use my link – we’ll both get bonuses!) and find the 14% bonus at

Step 4: Check out using your e-gift card, purchased from in an earlier step.

To tally up your savings, let’s assume $100 worth of gift cards were purchase in Step 2.

  • Step 2: Discounted gift card savings: 6%, or $6. Pay $94 for $100 gift card.
  • Step 1: Receive Shop Your Way credit – 15% bonus and 8% standard, or 23% of $94 – to the amount of $21.62.
  • Step 3: Receive 14% back in ebates cash credit on the $100 purchase, to the amount of $14.

Final result: for $100 worth of merchandise, you can earn a $14 ebates credit, save $6 on the purchase, and earn $21.62 in SYWR credit. That’s $100-14-6-21.62 = $58.38, roughly 40% off. Remember that SYWR credit can be used for household consumables at Kmart and

This deal gets better with steeply discounted Raise cards. Sorted by highest discount, take a look here at how this promotion really adds up.

Final comments…

Take care at ebates to ensure the vendor doesn’t deny rewards with the payment of gift cards. Many will claim this, few will actually impose it. Your choice, but I would continue without concern.

Remember the SYW promotion is limited to a $50 bonus, so you’re good on up to ~$350 value gift cards at before that tops out.

Feel confident using whatever coupons you have. Ebates will say that external coupons will invalidate the returns, but I’ve never seen it happen. There’s always a chance, but this promotion gets better when you stack other savings. Sears has a bunch of wild points back offers going on through this evening, so consider those!


Apple Pencil at Best Buy, $79.88 ($74.88 for Newbies!)

Here’s a great price on a gift idea – or a ‘resale’ opportunity if you aren’t in need of this product…

The Apple Pencil retails for $99.99 (and $114.55 on Amazon…yes, hold that thought…) but we can get it for as little as $74.88! 25% off on a brand new product isn’t bad!


Start With A Price Match

Best Buy will price-match to Sam’s Club, who currently has the Apple Pencil for $94.88. That was a quick $5 savings! We just showed them the item from our phone. Here’s the link! You can stop here if you want, but we haven’t got to the fun part…

Use Ibotta to get $15-20 Back!

Ibotta is offering two promotions affiliated with Best Buy that add up to a big discount!

  • $10 Rebate on a $100 Purchase at Best Buy (fine print: this excludes Apple laptops, tablets, phones, and watches…but not accessories or Apple Pencils! Act fast before the rules change!)
  • $5 Criss Cross Bonus


If you’re new to Ibotta, use my link to get $5 back on your first rebate redemption! Not bad, right?

Although Ibotta is extremely intuitive, let me go through the details on the Criss Cross Bonus:

  1. Complete two ‘Grocery’ or ‘Beer, Wine & Spirits’ rebates. See my recommendations below.
  2. Complete one ‘Specialty’ rebate. This is the $10 rebate on $100 at Best Buy! One purchase completes both!

My Recommendations on Step 1

Obviously, try to spend as little out of pocket as possible or the rebate loses value!

  • Buy ONE banana and redeem the $0.25 rebate. Valid almost everywhere. Eat the banana! It’s good for you!
  • At Walmart, buy the smallest Smithfield Tenderloin you can find (under the Meat category.) Mine was $3.15 and I redeemed a $2 rebate. Things taste better when they’re bought with coupons!
  • At Walmart, check the clearance section for McCormick Grill Mates. I purchased a Blue Moon inspired seasoning for $1 and redeemed a $0.50 rebate. Happy shopper!


  • Buy a mango, onion, head of lettuce, avocado, bread, gallon of milk, or any-brand of bacon – whatever is cheapest or most usable in your household and available via Ibotta.

How to Complete Step 2

I checked with Ibotta…unfortunately, you have to complete $100 or more. Not the $99.99 retail on the Apple Pencil and certainly not the $94.88 price-matched version. This means you’ll need to buy a “filler” item that costs enough to meet the spend threshold without being excessive. We found a $6.99 canister of pet-stain carpet cleaner (yeah, we’ll use it) so our total was $101.87. You can probably get even closer to $100 if you check the snack section by checkout. There were items as low as $0.49, which will serve you well if you have any trouble with the price match ($99.99 + $0.49 = $100.48 – good job!) Otherwise, shop around! Your target price is $5.12 without going under. How close can you get? Remember…if you don’t buy a filler, you won’t get the rebate. So yes! It makes sense to buy another item and spend more because you’ll get even more back!

When you are ready to check out at Best Buy, be sure to have the Ibotta app open. Click through the Best Buy link (under Specialty) to the $10 rebate offer. Follow all of the prompts and you should see a QR code. The Best Buy employee will scan this link and can show you right on their monitor that “IBOTTA” is displayed toward the top right corner. Our associate was so helpful to point that out! And that’s all you have to do; the rebate gets processed automatically. Mine took about 12 hours to post!

Final Tally

Here’s what you’ll get instead of just spending $99.99 at Best Buy (or more at Amazon):

  • $0.25-$2.25 back from Step 1 (depending on what you chose to purchase)
  • $10 Best Buy rebate on $100 purchase
  • $5 Criss Cross bonus
  • $5 Referral Bonus if you’re new to Ibotta
  • $5.12 Sam’s Club price match
  • A ~$5 item you found at Best Buy
  • A banana!
  • A steak!
  • An Apple Pencil!

That’s a couple products plus up to $20! I like percentages, so even if you aren’t getting the Referral Bonus, you’re spending $79.88 on an item that would have otherwise cost $99.99 – that’s a 20% discount! You’ll also get a handful of other items that don’t cost any extra. Not bad, right?

So, will you do it?

Leave a comment! What did you redeem on Ibotta? And what “filler” item did you buy at Best Buy to reach $100?

Don’t need an Apple Pencil? Sure, sell it on Amazon! You’ll pay ~$80 and sell it for around $110. After shipping and fees, you’ll still pocket $10 and get the easy credit card spend. I love the Amazon Seller program and regularly use it on great promotions or to finish credit card spend. Leave a comment if you need some help!


How to Buy 1 Banana and Get $10.25

1. Use my link ( and install Ibotta.
2. Open Ibotta and follow the prompts to “unlock” the $0.25 banana rebate at the store of your choice (CVS, Safeway, Wegmans, Harris Teeter, Giant…)
3. Go buy the banana. Keep your receipt.
4. Verify your banana purchase by taking a picture of the receipt.
5. Collect $10.25.
Seriously. You should do this. Get in the habit of checking your shopping list against Ibotta – tonight, we’ll use it at Best Buy to get $10 back on a $100 purchase, which actually turns into $15 back because of the Spring “Criss Cross Bonus” (redeem two grocery rebates and a specialty – electronics or clothing – and get an extra $5.)
Any questions? Happy to help!

$145 Manufacturing Spend at Tiger Direct – Free Stuff, Free Points

Here’s the shopping list for current in-stock, free after rebate products at Tiger Direct. Most of these deals end today, so act fast! Also note that some of the items have quantity 2 – go for it!

You’ll want to check out with a Visa card via Visa Checkout for $25 off $100.

If you’re an ibotta user, click through the app to get a link sent to your email; that’ll be an extra $10 back. Yes, that link is my referral code (here it is again!) – I’ll get a couple dollars if you sign up through me, and you’ll get a couple dollars, too!

Screenshot (90)

Screenshot (91)


Total price is $144, less $25 via Visa Checkout, which is $119. You’ll also get $10 through ibotta, so on a $119 purchase you will “profit” $35 (Visa + ibotta), get the 119 in credit card points, and have a stack of stuff to gift/sell on ebay/craigslist etc.

When you check out, TigerDirect is nice enough to give you a list of links to the rebate you qualify for. You’ll have to spend probably around an hour on those forms and will have to pay for a handful of stamps. Be careful not to miss any UPC codes, signatures, or deadlines.

Kohl’s Black Friday Offer SCALED BACK: Updated Information

Well, dang. I have some good news and some bad news. The offer is still definitely worth taking advantage of! Read all the way to the bottom for at least one way to get the appliances for free. That’s up to ten gifts – holidays, wedding events, your own registry…while the rebates are valid now at, you want to wait until midnight tonight or you won’t get Kohl’s Cash!

Bad News First

Kohl’s teased us with their Black Friday ad a few weeks ago, and left out an important details: how many rebates could we actually redeem?

Now that the rebate forms came out today (posted below) we can see that they allow only five ITEMS per HOUSEHOLD per OFFER. Bummer! I’ll only be taking advantage of Offer #15-42482 and Offer #15-42401. The Toastmaster rebate isn’t allowed online; if it pops up, I’ll jump on it…but for now, I think it might be an in-store only offer.

The items are still $19.99 each. One offer provides a $12 rebate per item; the second is a $10 rebate per item. Here’s the updated math:

First Group: $19.99 each, $12 Rebate, 5 Items Allowed

  • Buy one of each, total $19.99 * 5 = $99.95
    • Submit $12 rebate per item = $60
    • Earn two $15 Kohl’s Cash credits = $30
    • Earn $5 Yes2You Rewards per $100 = $5 (maybe, not sure about rounding)

Second Group: $19.99 each, $10 Rebate, 5 Items Allowed

  • Buy one of each, total $19.99 * 5 = $99.95
    • Submit $10 rebate per item = $50
    • Earn two $15 Kohl’s Cash credits = $30
    • Earn $5 Yes2You Rewards per $100 = $5 (maybe, not sure about rounding)


  • Cost: $99.95 + 99.95 = $199.90
  • Rebates earned: $60 + 50 = $110
  • Kohl’s Cash earned: $60
  • Earn $5 Yes2You Rewards per $100 = $10, not counted in math
    • $199.90 – 110 – 60 = $29.90
    • Price each: $29.90/10 = $2.99
      • Doesn’t include tax!
      • Price is “after rewards,” so you’ll still have Kohl’s Cash and Yes2You to redeem.

Good News

It sounds like a 15% off coupon will be going life tomorrow. Try code DEALS15 or RMN15OFF. Let’s look at how that affects our math, going with the total price of $199.90:


  • Cost: $99.95 + 99.95 = $199.90
  • Rebates earned: $60 + 50 = $110
  • 15% Discount on $100 or more = $29.98, new total = $169.91
  • Kohl’s Cash earned: $45

  • Earn $5 Yes2You Rewards per $100 = $5, not counted in math
    • $169.91 – 110 – 45 = $14.91
    • Price each: $14.91/10 = $1.49
      • Doesn’t include tax!
      • Price is “after rewards,” so you’ll still have Kohl’s Cash and Yes2You to redeem.

Obviously, it’s worth using that 15% discount and foregoing the $15 Kohl’s Cash!

Don’t Forget a Portal!

There are a number of holiday portal promotions going on. You’ll qualify for a bonus with this purchase! Here’s a brief summary, since I need to decide which to use:

  • American Airlines: 450 bonus miles on $150+ purchase plus 8 miles/dollar = 1176 miles for ~$15
  • United Airlines MileagePlus: 500 bonus miles on $150+ purchase plus 4 miles/dollar = 1176 miles for ~$15
  • Discover Deals: 10% Back (Doubles to 20% if you’re in on that deal!) = $16.90 or $33.80, makes your appliances free!
  • Southwest: 500 bonus miles on $150+ purchase plus 2 miles/dollar = 838 miles for ~$15

There are bigger bonuses on ~$500 or ~$1000 purchases, but I doubt we will get to that with this promo alone.

How will YOU use this deal?


22 Kitchen Appliances for ~$2.49 Each!

EDIT: The rebate forms are out and restrict us to 5 ITEMS per HOUSEHOLD per OFFER. However, an extra 15% and great holiday portal bonuses make this an outstanding buy. Check here for the details.

One of my favorite annual sales is Kohl’s Black Friday. It takes into account all of the fun ways to save…sale prices, rebates, store loyalty credit, and manufactured spend…plus, portal points if we’re lucky! This is an awesome opportunity to stock up on 22 brand new kitchen appliances, regularly $20-$40 at 95% off, or grab gifts for the holidays/wedding showers/registries/wedding party gifts…the list goes on!

You can find the Black Friday ad here. This offer will be available in-store and online; online quantities tend to sell out pretty quickly, so stay tuned to find out exactly when the deal goes live (midnight central time?) or get to the store and grab a shopping cart!

Take a look below for newspaper clippings of my favorite deals:



Each of these items is eligible for either a $10 or $12 rebate ($12 on the first set, $10 on the two subsequent.) You’ll be able to find them by going to and searching “rebates.” They’re valid only on Thurs-Fri, Nov 26-27. In years past, a shopper could get five rebates per product. That’s a total of 110 rebates!

Because you’ll be mailing in a lot of UPC codes with a lot of money at stake, I recommend printing a label (my preference is and insuring it up to the value of your rebates. I don’t even want to think about that important envelope getting lost in the mail. Be sure to stop by the post office and get a receipt for dropping off your package in case they lose it, or you’ll have no claim!

Loyalty Credit – Kohl’s Cash

To make it better, Kohl’s has a once-a-year $15 Kohl’s Cash on $50 purchase offer. The cash triggers at 96% of the $50, or $48…so don’t worry that you’re missing it by a couple pennies!

Loyalty Credit – Yes2You Rewards

On top of Kohl’s Cash, you’ll earn one Yes2You Rewards point for each dollar spent; at 100 points, Kohl’s will issue a $5 reward. In other words, it’s a 5% credit issued on each $100 spent. I didn’t actually include this in the calculations below; consider it a little bonus for your hard work.

Portal Points

If we’re able to order online, we can plan on at least two points per dollar at the airline or hotel company of our choice.

Manufactured Spent

If your friends are interested, you could sell them appliances for just a few dollars. They’ll get an amazing deal, and you get to spend money on your credit card for points! For example, you might spend $20 on a given product that, after all the rebates, only cost you $2.50. That’s a good deal for something you want to keep, and a great deal if you have someone to sell it to for $2-3! Who wouldn’t spend $3 for a Crockpot?

Let’s Add It Up

I’ll do the math for one of each item, and then multiply it by five – although it’s extremely unlikely anyone will be able to pick up all the items before they sell out. I would encourage you to do a little advance planning and work out the numbers – increments of $50 are important to maximizing the Kohl’s Cash returns. Here’s how it goes:

First Group: $19.99 each, $12 Rebate, 5 Items

  • Buy one of each, total $19.99 * 5 = $99.95
    • Submit $12 rebate per item = $60
    • Earn two $15 Kohl’s Cash credits = $30
    • Earn $5 Yes2You Rewards per $100 = $5

Second Group: $19.99 each, $10 Rebate, 10 Items

  • Buy one of each, total $19.99 * 10 = $199.90
    • Submit $10 rebate per item = $100
    • Earn four $15 Kohl’s Cash credits = $60
    • Earn $5 Yes2You Rewards per $100 = $10

Third Group: $14.99 each, $10 Rebate, 7 Items

  • Buy one of each, total $14.99 * 7 = $104.93
    • Submit $10 rebate per item = $70
    • Earn two $15 Kohl’s Cash credits = $30
    • Earn $5 Yes2You Rewards per $100 = $5


  • Cost: $99.95 + 199.90 + 104.93 = $404.78
  • Rebates earned: $60 + 100 + 70 = $230
  • Kohl’s Cash earned: $120
  • Earn $5 Yes2You Rewards per $100 = $20, not counted in math
    • $404.78 – 230 – 120 = $54.78
    • Price each: $54.78/22 = $2.49
      • Doesn’t include tax!
      • Price is “after rewards,” so you’ll still have Kohl’s Cash and Yes2You to redeem.

If you’re able to get five units per item, here’s the math:

  • Cost: $99.95*5 + 199.90*5 + 104.93*5 = $2023.90
  • Rebates earned: $60*5 + 100*5 + 70*5 = $1150
  • Kohl’s Cash earned: $600
  • Yes2You earned: $100, not counted in math
    • $2023.90 – 1150 – 600 = $273.90
    • Price each: $273.90/(22*5) = $2.49
      • Doesn’t include tax!
      • Price is “after rewards,” so you’ll still have Kohl’s Cash and Yes2You to redeem.

Will you take advantage of this deal?

I know this is an opportunity to spend $2,000 on a credit card of my choosing, earn at least 4,000 points to the program of my choosing, get an extra $100 bonus in Yes2You Rewards for whatever I want to spend them on, and give great gifts at awesome prices. Some of these items retail for $40, so a price of $2.49 is around 95% off! You might be wondering how I’ll spend that $600 in Kohl’s Cash; haven’t decided! I’m an Amazon reseller, so I usually find a few products to buy at Kohl’s and sell online. If you’re not into that, maybe you have some regular Christmas shopping to do. Think through whether or not you can make good use of that $600 in Kohl’s Cash; else, you’ve lost that money and need to incorporate it into the price of each appliance.

I’m interested in your thoughts! Leave a comment if you’ll be shopping the Kohl’s Black Friday deal!

$350 in freebies this weekend! You can DO this!

Free skillet, yoga pants, almost free beer, video games, lunch, golf glove, security software, and a nice hotel room suite…not bad! I estimate we racked up around $350 in freebies in 48 hours!

                                                                 Just a few things we racked up this weekend.

I understand that coupons, credit cards, portals, and rebates can get to be overwhelming. Maybe there’s something wrong with me, because I actually think it’s fun…but it can be done, and profitably. Here’s a recap of one of the best weekend’s worth of bargains I can remember!

Hubby was flying back in to town on Saturday, so we spent a night in LA and I indulged in every kind of savings trick I know. Here’s how it added up:

Gas Money: used Discover via Apple Pay to get 10% back now, 20% back later. On a ~$50 tank of gas, that saved me $10.

Hotel: redeemed 30,000 points from IHG card ($49 annual fee earns a one-night voucher, sign up bonus was 70,000 points) rather than paying ~$200.

Oktoberfest: paid cash for beer, cash for entry, etc…cash withdrawn from Amex Target Prepaid Redcard, which was loaded with Vanilla Visas that were purchased via Apple Pay to get 10% back now, 20% back later…call it a $20 savings.

World Market: I’ve always wanted a skillet! This one was free! Hubby also got an expensive beer…remember that Shop Your Way Rewards NewBrands offer? I redeemed the $25 gift card and a 10% discount code they sent for joining their loyalty program, so my $27 purchase only cost $2…blame that beer. How could I say no?

Sports Authority: Guess what’s coming up? My birthday! Sports Authority sent a no-strings-attached $10 voucher. I’d also recently splurged on a pair of Brooks, so I had an $8.50 loyalty reward (5% back). There was also a 20% coupon on their website today, so I got a golf glove ($13.99) and hubby found a $15.99 gizmo we probably didn’t need. How could I say no? (Recurring trend…I must like him.) Total out of pocket ended up being around $10, so Sports Authority managed to get us to spend some extra money afterall. Still, I could have absolutely picked up just $20 worth of merchandise, used my coupons, and paid nada. Some times you’ve got to live a little. 🙂

Chado Tea: I bought a LivingSocial voucher in August as an impulse buy – it was a tea and chocolate pairing that I thought I’d be torturing hubby with, but tea and chocolate are two of my favorite things…turns out we absolutely loved it and ended up spending about $25 on tea after we enjoyed the pairing, and intend on picking up a few more accessories. Have you ever heard of blooming tea? What a magic trick! This place was awesome. Anyway, the pairing was supposed to be $15 each. Of course, it was half off via LivingSocial, plus I had a 20% coupon, and I purchased through a portal to save me another 10%. Instead of a $30 activity, it was around $12. Chado Tea came out ahead, just like Sports Authority, because we spent a lot more than we intended on tea for ourselves and as gifts, but it was a great experience!

                Holy cow! This looked like a marble when she dropped it in, and it bloomed after about 3 minutes!

Dave & Buster’s: If McDonald’s gold arches are child magnets, D&B’s is a husband magnet. We can’t pass within ten miles and not stop. Even better, I had a free $10 game credit and we had both purchased $25 gift cards from Sam’s Club for $24, via Amex Offers to receive a $20 statement credit. In other words, we each paid $4 for $25 gift cards. We spent one on a late lunch and the other on a buy-$20-get-$20-free game credit. So, for about $16 (including taxes and tip) we had lunch and went through $60 worth of game credits. Oh, and we also set high scores on, like, all the games…it was fun!

Staples: There’s a great free-after-rebate at Staples this week for Kaspersky security software. They’re $39.99 with a $17.99 instant savings plus a $22 rebate and you can get three. Here’s the fine print:


Purchase a Kaspersky AntiVirus 1 User (SKUs 1809295, 1910467) at Staples stores, or Staples catalog between 10/11/15 and 10/17/15, then submit online or mail it in to receive a Visa Prepaid card. Limit 3 rebates per name/address/household.


STAPLES ( Dept. 15-36903 ),
PO Box 540036
EL PASO, TX 88554-0036

There is also a $20 off $70 via Visa Checkout. That would be $22 * 3 = $66 + $4 worth of whatever = $70 – $20 = $50, pay with Chase Ink to receive 5x miles (250 miles), get $66 back in Staples Easy Rebates…that’s $16 profit plus 250 miles plus $4 worth of whatever. 🙂 It worked like a charm – just choose “pay with Visa Checkout” when you’re checking out.

Screenshot (49)

Under Armour: As I explained, I cashed in on this week’s SYWR NewBrands deal. I purchased a $25 gift card, which I expect to earn 25,000 SYWR points ($25 value). Then, I spent it on a pair of pants + a filler item (which I’ll actually sell for a $5 profit), learned about for a 10% discount (more on that later), and have already received $9 back in SYWR points (5,000 was 10% back on the $25 purchase and the 4500 or so was 10% back on the pants purchase, I think…still waiting on the 10,000? I don’t know!)

…well, I think that’s it! Check in tomorrow for an update on the latest SYWR NewBrands deal and don’t miss out on the Staples/Kaspersky/Visa Checkout opportunity!

Up to $50 in Free Under Armour! Reward yourself!

Fair warning: I’ve been on the phone with a Shop Your Way Rewards (SYWR) representative for 25 minutes and he “thinks” he has it figured out…if you are risk averse, maybe skip this one…if you’re in for it and were going to make a purchase anyway and have trouble locating your points later on, let me know and I’ll help you talk through it with SYWR so you don’t miss out! I’ll follow up when my points post, too!

OFFER EXPIRES 10/10 – to be replaced by a NEW offer 10/11!

Wedding planning is stressful, right? If you’re like me, so is trying to fit into your gown…

Do you know what will alleviate that stress and help with that gown situation? A good run, walk, yoga practice, or whatever else you’re into.

Not sold? How about some comfy sweats and a coffee?

Under Armour is partnered with Shop Your Way Rewards. Here’s how this deal stacks up:

Phase One – Join SYWRs via Referral for $10 Bonus

  1. Use my referral link to sign up, get $10 back in points when you spend $30 or more with a rewards partner. Shoot me a note if you don’t mind so I can get you a custom link…no guarantee that link works for multiple users, and don’t want you to miss out!
  2. Ensure you’ve linked your eligible Visa and/or Mastercard credit card and use it during checkout (one less thing for them to claim you didn’t do, and this program can be challenging to work with!)
    1. Got a new credit card you need to hit a spend minimum on? I told you, we’ll chip away at it…$25 here, $50 there…

Phase Two – Use NewBrands Promo to buy $25 eGift Card

  1. Navigate from the New Brands promo to Under Armour (or shop of your choice – Moosejaw, Athleta, and the Vitamin Shoppe are also participating through 10/10/2015, but the ‘best’ deal is via Under Armous).
    • Make a purchase of $25 or more, get $25 back in points.
    • Recommendation: buy a $25 gift card!
    • Fine print clearly says this can not be combined with other offers.


Phase Three – Qualify for Additional Promotions while Redeeming eGift Card

  1. Start here to see the latest offers. Scroll down to see the fine print. The next two steps can be seen from the Offers page, so make sure you read them yourself!
  2. Qualify for the “Double Your Points” when you spend $10 promotion – assuming you spend $50 to get free shipping, that’s going to be $10 back at Under Armour (currently offering 10% back in points, doubled to 20%).
  3. Qualify for the “10,000 Points when you Spend $10” promotion.

I can’t promise you that any of this will work. When there are no promo codes and confused customer service reps, anything can happen. I strongly suggest you take screenshots of everything you do and all the fine print you can find. If this falls through and you have trouble getting credit, just let me know. I’m pretty good at getting these things to work! 🙂 Fine print posted below for all offers…

That said, my recommendation is to go all in and make one $25 gift card then a $50 merchandise purchase! You’ll get free shipping, for starters, $10 on the referral (Phase 1), the $25 newbrands bonus (Phase Two), $10 back from the portal and $10 for spending $10 (Phase 3). That adds up to…um…$10+$25+$10+$10 = $55!! on a $50 purchase! Yahoo!

…so, ya! Good luck!!!!!! Comment if you give it a try and we’ll all see how this pans out.


PS Come back on Sunday to find out how this deal can be worked again, or read this post for the previous week’s scenario!


On to the fine print:


Offer valid 09/06/2015 – 10/31/2015. Maximum of $50 in referral points per member. $30 or more purchase requirement is before taxes and after other discounts. Offer only available on purchases made through participating rewards brands through a link on the site or valid card-link brand locations. Points may take up to 45 days to be awarded to your account. Not valid at Sears, Kmart, Lands’ End, or Sears Marketplace. If merchandise is returned, referral points earned from that referral will no longer be valid. We reserve the right to cancel or modify the offer at any time in the event fraud, abuse, unintended virality or if technical or other issues arise. By accepting Shop Your Way member benefits and offers, you agree to the Shop Your Way terms and conditions, available at

New Brands:


Offer valid 10/01/2015 – 10/31/2015. Limit one offer per member. Purchase requirement before taxes and after other discounts. Offer not valid at Sears, Kmart, Lands’ End and Sears Marketplace. Points may take up to 40 days to be awarded to member account. Offer valid for original recipient only. We reserve the right to cancel or modify the offer at any time in the event fraud, abuse, unintended virality or if technical or other issues arise. By accepting Shop Your Way member benefits and offers, you agree to the Shop Your Way terms and conditions, available at


Offer valid 08/01/2015 – 12/31/2015. Limit one offer per member, per month. Purchase requirement before taxes and after other discounts. Offer not valid at Sears, Kmart, Lands’ End and Sears Marketplace. Points may take up to 40 days to be awarded to member account. Offer valid for original recipient only. We reserve the right to cancel or modify the offer at any time in the event fraud, abuse, unintended virality or if technical or other issues arise. By accepting Shop Your Way member benefits and offers, you agree to the Shop Your Way terms and conditions, available at


40 Free Reams of Paper + $35 Profit (Less Tax)

I don’t know what’s going on over at Staples, but they are literally going to pay you to take 80 lbs of paper off their hands. That’s ok with me; I’ll take the freebies and the travel points, especially with my Chase Ink…it gets me 5 miles per dollar!

Although the rebate in this post is valid until 10/10, the deal ends with the price changes…so don’t delay!

How The Deal Works

Much like this previous deal, you have to make a few things come together:

  1. Find Item #122374 at your local Staples. Buy up to four!
  2. Have the cashier price-match to (brings the price from $53.99 to $29.99), for a total of $119.96 for four.
  3. Start at Staples Easy Rebates and search for rebates by item number 122374.
  4. Print, fill out, and MAIL IN the rebate with your receipt. (Note: I suggest going with USPS First Class including tracking and insurance, all purchased and printed from Pack up your letter or parcel and get it scanned at the Post Office. Keep an eye on the tracking information; you might even opt for a signature. Total cost should be around $5.) I know the fine print says “submit online,” but I don’t see the option over at the Rebates site…will update if I’m able to submit online tomorrow.
  5. Wait patiently for your rebate Visa card to arrive, which will be worth $39 per case or $156 total.
  6. Optionally call the number on the letter and request a check instead of the rebate card (so you can just deposit the money and be done with it all).

Here’s the fine print for the skeptics:

Purchase a Hammermill 8.5 x 11 Inch Copy Plus Copy Paper 10 Ream Case (SKU 122374) at Staples stores between 10/04/15 and 10/10/15, then submit online or mail it in to receive a Visa Prepaid card. Limit 4 rebates per name/address/household.

You can pay with Staples Rewards, if you have them, which will not disqualify you from the Staples Easy Rebate. I’ve got around $80 to burn through and a Staples Gift Card from a previous rebate, so I’ll be glad to cash those in!

That’s it! You’ll get 20,000 sheets of paper (WHEW) and make up to $9 per case (less tax) PLUS up to 5% in Staples Rewards and, finally, whatever credit card points you’re in the process of accumulating. If you personally don’t have use for that much paper, I’m sure there is a school, church, or animal shelter in town that would be happy to receive your tax-deductible donation!

Any questions?

I have a lot of practice with these, so let me know if I’ve brushed over a detail that you’re unclear on. I’m happy to edit the post. Full disclosure: I 100% intend on buying my paper tomorrow!

Please Don’t Delay!

In an effort to get this deal out (and thereby promote Unveiled Savings) I want to share this great offer with the consumers over at SlickDeals. There is this little thing called “the SlickDeals effect,” where really great deals get so much publicity they tend to bog down the vendor. So that you’re able to get your rebate fulfilled before this happens, please do your shopping on Monday or Tuesday!

Up to $150 worth of Staples Merchandise for $7, Ends Tomorrow

Here’s an example of pulling a whole lot of promotions together. Maybe you don’t need another 10,000 sheets of paper, but maybe you have a new credit card that has a spend limit, you’ll donate the supplies, or you don’t mind $40 worth of deeply discounted snacks, water, coffee, cleaning supplies…for the DIY couple, this isn’t a bad deal!

Minimum Deal: 10,000 Sheets of Paper for $15-18 (plus tax) plus miles of your choosing

Two more cases of paper (did you get in on last week’s deal?). Item number 122374, rebate code 15-33002 ( purchase).

Start at the portal of your choice. Looks like a deal opportunity from Southwest Rapid Rewards at the moment!


Be sure to sign in to your Staples Easy Rewards account for ~$2 (2%) back (depending on what you spend at Staples in a month, you may not get a reward; I believe you have to get $5 at a minimum). I’m a premier member, so I get 5% back.

Good Deal: 10,000 Sheets of Paper for $10-13 (plus tax) plus miles of your choosing

Check your email! Did you get a $5 off $25 code? The email, sent today, is actually titled, “A delicious deal on coffee.” The bottom icon is a code for $5 off $25 in store or online.

Better Deal: 10,000 Sheets of Paper for FREE (plus tax) plus miles of your choosing

You’ve got to be a Chase Sapphire card holder (and you should be!). This promo gets you a $15 statement credit at any of the listed stores when you use Visa Checkout. Here’s the terms and conditions. If you’re not a current card holder, you won’t be able to participate in this promotion because it ends tomorrow…but leave a comment and I’ll be on the lookout for great sign up bonuses.

Alternative Deal: 10,000 Sheets of Paper plus miles of your choosing and $42 worth of whatever for $7

I must admit I have not made my final selection of “whatever,” but I’ve added the codes to my cart and there don’t seem to be any issues. Will update if there’s a problem!

You’ve got to be a Chase Ink (business) card holder (and you should be!). This promo gets you a $30 discount when you spend $150 at Staples via Visa Checkout. Time for some math…

The paper came out to $108. A $30 discount on $150 would put me at $120. So, if add an additional $42 in merchandise, it will only cost me $12. ($150-$30-$108 = $12) Since Staples carries ‘staples’ such as food, coffee, water, and cleaning supplies, I’ll stock up. Plus, the Ink card offers 5 miles/dollar at office stores, which means I’ll get about $5 back on this purchase anyway. Here’s the final tally:

$108 paper

$42 cleaning/snacks

-$88 rebate credit

-$5 Ink rewards

-$5 Staples Easy Rewards

-$30 Credit

-$5 off $25 Coupon


$7 total plus around 400 Southwest Rapid Rewards miles, valued at ~$4.

If I were to calculate the discount of $7/$150, that would be just about 95% off…if we cut everything else out and say $7/$42, that’s around 85% off. Not shabby, either way.


I’ll probably pull the trigger on this one and make the $150 purchase! Since I regularly sell merchandise as an Amazon Seller, I can easily profit around $20 per case of paper, so I ultimately come out ahead. But, that’s a story for another day and just my personal opinion!

I will be shopping around the other Visa Checkout options tonight to see how to best maximize that $15 off. If I can find an item for $15 with free shipping (Fandango, perhaps?), it would be another free gift!

Questions? Comments?

Please let me know if this is confusing in any way. It is a complicated example of making a lot of promotions work together, which you will become proficient with as you shop and save on a long list of purchases!