For whatever phase of wedding planning you’re in – just starting, in the final countdown, or, whew, just ordering thank-you cards – you’re guaranteed to find value in these pages. The primary objective is to find ways to spend less in the first place, but the secondary objective – the one you might otherwise overlook – is using a handful of methods to get even more for your money than you ever thought possible. Those are the “unveiled” savings I can’t wait to share!

Unveiled Savings encourages readers to develop a budget for their events and stick to it – even when it requires a bit of creativity or effort. Knowing whether an expense is on budget, a splurge, or perhaps a savings is fundamental to having a financially smart celebration.

If you’re new here, welcome! Start with the link above, called “Start Here” to get acclimated to the resources at Unveiled Savings.

Please feel free to comment on any of the postings or contact me directly – christine@unveiledsavings.com.

Thanks for reading, congratulations and best wishes always!


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