I would be so flattered if you considered me a “long distance” bridesmaid – after all, I want nothing more than to help you organize and celebrate your big day. Here are my favorite tried-and-true resources for saving money or earning rewards on every purchase you make.

(Wait…where are all the links?? Please be patient! I will add each link as I write a post about it. Thanks!)


Start with this post to learn about portal shopping and why it’s so important.

  1. Visit CashBackMonitor to pick your favorite portal.
  2. Shop through a given portal to save and earn!

My referral links are below – and I appreciate it so much when you use them!

  • Shop Your Way Rewards: here’s a screenshot guide
    • Use my referral link to get $10 off a $30 purchase through a partner (send a note to get your own link and guarantee it works; no promises on the referral link posted above)
    • Be my client! This costs you nothing and gives you access to my catalogs where I share the best deals I can find. You’ll also help me earn a commission when I shop – which all supports Unveiled Savings. Thanks!
  • Topcashback: this is a favorite of mine, but don’t rush into joining – they often have promotions for completely free items for new members. I’ll share those when they’re available!
  • Ebates: you can get $10 on your first $25 purchase with my link.
    • You can also get $50 (!) by referring two friends to Ebates who both make $25 purchases before June 30, 2016. Find your referral link under “My Account” from the top right. The center panel will bring you to your referral page.
  • iConsumer: receive 100 shares upon first purchase, and I got 100 shares, too! Nice interface, points + stock shares (tbd if this is of any value)
  • BeFrugal: $10 for you, $15 for me. Must earn $25 to get the $10 – steep!!
  • Swagbucks: $10 when you spend $25 through an affiliate store

Blogs and Experts

  • Frequent Miler, for original ideas about maximizing rewards via credit card bonuses and promotions
  • Southern Savers, for all of your day-to-day grocery shopping savings plans

Fun Ways to Save and Earn

Mobile Savings Apps

  • Ibotta is currently offering a $10 bonus to new users that join through referral links. Please consider using mine – I’ll get $5! My code is “hxhq.”

Favorite Credit Cards

  • Discover It: use my link and get $50 back with your first purchase (yes, I’ll get $50, too! Thanks!)
    • This is my favorite card right now because of the double-cashback promotion. All cash back earned in your first year will be doubled. So, make that 10% back on gas, restaurants, etc…when the rotating category offers 5% back, you’re going to get it doubled to 10%. Even better, when you see the Discover Deals offers (check for stores like Petco (10%) and 1-800-Flowers(15%) you will get double rewards on those! Please find an easier way to get 20% back on dog food and I’ll be your life long friend!
    • You can redeem your cashback for statement credit, which is always cool…or redeem it for gift cards and stretch your money even further. $80 in cashback is worth a $100 Sears gift card!
      • Let’s do the math…assuming you spend $1600 in a year earning 5% back, that’s going to be $80 in statement credit. Of course, it’s doubled – so it becomes $160 in statement credit! If you redeem your $160 for Sears gift cards, you’re going to get $200 worth of Sears credit. $200 back on $1600 is 12.5% – you just can’t beat that!

Retirement Savings

  • I have been a Betterment customer for almost two years. Check out their performance in the chart below over that period.
    • Full disclosure: I’ll get 90 days of free usage when you join, which means I’m not going to pay that fraction of the 0.25% annual management fees on my balance. On my modest balance, that’s a free Subway footlong sandwich, and you better believe I love those breakfast flatbreads!
    • IF YOU JOIN…please contact me. I will GLADLY post your referral link publicly for 30 days to help you earn free account management. Just a little “pay it forward.”

Individual Retirement + New Roth IRA