6 Reasons Not to Rent a Tux

5 Reasons Not to Rent a Tux – Buy a Tux or Suit, Instead!son-in-law-636021_1280

  1. It is often cheaper to buy a suit that will look just as sharp as the tux you can rent. Our wedding party purchased suits at 90% off! Here’s just one example.
  2. Renting means picking up – and dropping off. It’s just one more task to fit into an already-busy wedding weekend.
  3. Most tuxedo rental shops charge a premium for each day you have the tux. If you’re traveling to or from a wedding, you could be adding $10-$30 PER DAY just to hang on to the thing! Ouch!
  4. Fitting accidents. Often, tuxedos are picked up on the day of or prior to a wedding. What if something is wrong? Now you’ll spend your day rushing to have the tailoring fixed. (Not to mention you’ll have to be fit every time you wear a tux instead of grabbing your tailored tux/suit out of your own closet.)
  5. Owning a tuxedo means you’ll have it in the future; one additional wear will generally allow you to break even (if you buy a tuxedo for $250 instead of renting one for $150…twice…you’ve come out ahead in time and money.) Even if you can’t wear your tuxedo in another wedding, expect that you’ll find yourself invited to a black tie wedding or other event you’d like to attend. With a tux in the closet, you have no reason not to go!
  6. Suits give you more flexibility in material, cost, and color. Our wedding party wore suits instead of tuxedos; we were on the beach, and the dark material just didn’t work for us.

What is your wedding party wearing?

Suits? Tuxedos? Rent? Buy? Leave a comment and be sure to ask if you have any questions.