10% Back at Walmart TODAY ONLY plus $10 Bonus Rewards


In the interest of getting this out to you as soon as possible, I won’t ramble on about how to maximize this deal. It’s a don’t-think-just-shop kind of deal.

  1. Sign up for Ebates. Get bonuses if you’re new and please use my referral link because I’m one new shopper away from a $50 bonus!
  2. Get an unprecedented 10% back on almost everything. Here’s the fine print:

    Exclusions: Cash Back is not available on Apple Watch, newest model iPhones, Walmart Grocery to Go, cellular purchases, prepaid phone cards (Straight Talk), prescription drugs, travel, financial services, tires, Walmart Connect Internet Service, gift card/online gift cards and ShippingPass subscription.

    Special Terms: Cash Back is not available on orders deemed by Walmart to be for reselling purposes.

  3. Combine this offer with the weekly SYWEVERYWHERE.com promotion by purchasing a $30 (final value, not original value) Walmart gift card at Raise.com. Check here for the weekly running offer and here for more details on how to redeem it (forgive me for using an old link; the concept is identical.)

Tally It Up

Let’s assume we purchase a Walmart gift card at Raise:

We’ll receive a $10 Shop Your Way bonus points reward in the next couple weeks. We’ll go spend the $38.31 at Walmart.com which is super, because that qualifies for free shipping. We’ll get 10% back, or $3.80. That makes this deal $38.31 – 3.80 – .08 (you’ve gotta be kidding me) – $10 = $24.43, or about 35% off after points.

Will you use this deal?

I like this because it is easy to get the 10% off on items you were probably going to buy anyway. What will you buy? Please leave your comments and questions or reach me directly, christine@unveiledsavings.com, for quick support. Good luck!

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