Part II: Day Two – Buy the Dryer

This is part of a larger series called Max Performing: The $20,000 Kitchen Upgrade. Start here.

In this guide, the dryer is purchased through the Southwest Rapid Rewards portal with a discounted gift card from Day One. Two coupons are used. The buyer should save $60 and receive around $50 back plus approximately 700 Rapid Rewards.

  1. Go to, Log In, and search for Sears. Click “Shop Now.” Forgive the annoying snip tool in the photo below.
  2. Although the fine print says points will not be earned on purchases made with coupons not found on this site or with gift cards as payment, we’ll try it anyway.
  3. Add the item to your cart.
  4. Scroll down and click to apply coupons. From here, you can reach the Deal Center and load relevant coupons to your account, then come back to apply them.
  5. Apply coupons or visit the Deal Center for more. Use one $ or % off coupon (like those in the top row) and one points back coupon (like the one in the bottom middle.)
  6. Confirm that your coupons were applied by clicking the “You Will Save On This Order” dropdown. 
  7. Confirm you’re going to receive the points you expect! Know that this is likely to change with the number of points you redeem.      
  8. Click Proceed to Checkout; continue to the Payments & Billing page where you want to apply your Gift Card.
  9. Finish by clicking “Place Order.” The next screen will confirm the number of points you received and, usually, provide you with more coupons to load to your account.

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