Fan Shop Gear – *Up To* Free After Points!

Remember last week’s post about the $15 back on $15 clearance?

Kmart has added a TON of NCAA/NFL/MLB gear to the promotion! Here’s the catalog for Clemson gear (as I am a proud Clemson alum) and a link to much of the qualifying merchandise. Keep in mind the limit is 50,000 points per member and the expiration is January 29…however, a chat representative tells me the limit is just PER PURCHASE. The deal appears to work in $15 increments, so aim for $15, $30, or $45 to maximize your deal.

Use a $5 off $25 or $5 off $50 if you pass that mark – just be careful how it affects your points back. If you don’t have a coupon, let me know in the comments, email, or through the Personal Shopper page.

If you’re looking for a specific team (or teams), I am happy to build custom catalogs for any of my clients.

Please consider adding me as your Personal Shopper, even if you don’t need guidance or coupons. I receive a commission on every purchase my clients make, and it really makes a difference – thank you so much!!

Don’t forget to shop through a portal – if you’re new to those, I’d appreciate your joining through my affiliate links.

Last Day! Great Kmart Offers!

This is the content of an email that went out to my Personal Shopper Clients this morning. Join now to be notified first!

“Good morning,

I thought I’d try to share this information via email before I post it to the website ( If you don’t want to receive deals like this via email, please let me know and I’ll be sure to remove you from the distribution list.

Today I’ll show you…$5 giant jugs of detergent, $6 for a folding table and chairs, $3.25 athletic tshirts…

I am going to populate three catalogs for the three Kmart deals listed below, but wanted to get this out ASAP to give you a chance to shop. Remember – you want to go to and be sure to only shop for Kmart items (not Sears!) You can find the catalogs here:

First promotion is for Arm & Hammer Detergent at Target

Two promotions currently stack at Target:

  • $15 off $50 on cleaning supplies with code “CLEAN” – a great deal by itself, amounting for 30% off!
  • $5 gift card with the purchase of two participating Arm & Hammer products –

If you purchase six of the detergents ($8 x 6) that’s $48. Add a filler item (I added dryer sheets for $5 though I could have found something closer to $2) the math looks like this:

  • Detergent, $48
  • Dryer Sheets, $5
  • Cost: $53
  • CLEAN: -$15
  • Discounted Total: $45
  • Receive three $5 Gift Cards

You will spend $45 and receive $15 back for future shopping. For $30, you’ll have a ton of detergent and dryer sheets (or whatever you choose.) Regular price would be $53 or more, depending on which you choose, so this is like a 40% discount.

Thanks to my friend Cassidy for finding this great promotion!

Second promotion is for Furniture at Kmart

This may be the last day, but Kmart is offering 50% back in points, up to 100,000 points, on furniture plus a few other great offers. There are a few deals that stack, so here’s how it works out:

  • 10% off $50+ with code “NEWYEAR”
  • $10 back in points on $30 or $20 back on $50
  • 50% back in points up to $100 worth of points

Here’s an item that qualifies for the points promotion but not the 10% off.

My total is $54.99 and I will receive $49.14 back in points!

If you find an item that will make your total $50 or more, you can use the $5 off $50 at Kmart coupon (click your name, go to my clipped coupons, and find it there…or let me know and I will send you one via the Personal Shopper site). **NOTE** If you use it on this item, you will only qualify for the $10 back on $30.

Third promotion is for Athletic Apparel at Kmart

Combine the following two offers for essentially 75% back on up to $100 worth of athletic apparel:

  • $10 back on $20, up to $50 worth
  • Buy one, get one free

Here’s an item that qualifies. I bought four at $10.99 each, but with the buy one get one…that’s only $21. I will receive $10 back in points, which is like paying $11 for four tshirts that were each $11 to to start with!|Buy%20One%20Get%20One&sellerId=KMART&prdNo=10&blockNo=10&blockType=G10

Fourth promotion is for Clearance Apparel at Kmart

Tricky to find anything in stock, but you’ll get $15 back on each $15 you spent at Kmart on clearance apparel. Here’s the link to clearance.

It appears that adding up to $15 qualifies. The limit is $50 worth of points (50,000). I found that this item qualifies – if I add three to my cart for a total or $18, I receive $15 back in points.|Clearance&plpSellerId=Kmart&prdNo=3&blockNo=3&blockType=G3

What else?

Your best portal promotion (what? Read more here) is probably, but you can choose from

I’ll be available via the Clientele app and email today to help you take advantage of these promotions.

Please feel free to forward my email and ask your pals to choose me as their personal shopper – Have a great weekend – stay warm and good luck with your deal shopping!