$150 worth of Free Stuff (after rewards) for you, $100 For Me


It would be pretty cool if you took advantage of this offer.

First, I’ll tell you what’s in it for you:

Sears (via Shop Your Way Rewards, or SYWR) is offering up to 100% back “in points” on a handful of items. Here are the item numbers I found at the moment – you can also get 50% back on one electronic item (I’m buying an Amazon tablet) but that’s another conversation…get one for you or as a gift:

Portable Battery Chargers for Smartphones/Tablets:

  • Item #05738687000
  • Item #05739378000
  • Item #05739377000
  • Item #05749743000

Wireless Mouse

  • Item #00351048000

DSLR Shoulder Bag

  •  Item #00349767000

Prices range from $14-$36 per item.

If you join Ebates via my referral code, you’ll get 3% back on your Sears purchase plus a $5 credit or $10 gift card (you’ll see the details when you click through to sign up.)

This means you can get about $150 worth of stuff, 3% + $5 back via Ebates, and the entire $150 back in the form of Shop Your Way Rewards for use on a future purchase. If there is a Kmart nearby, you can use your rewards there for household items – food, toiletries, etc.

When you’re checking out, just be careful to note the number of points it says you will be receiving. 1,000 points = $1, so if you’re buying the $28 DSLR bag, make sure it adds up to 28,000 or so points! Ensure that you don’t accidentally apply any points in your account, or you won’t earn any more.

Below is the screen shot of my total. I’ll be paying $333.43 and receiving the equivalent of $250 back in points. I intend on selling one of the items for $100 (it’s worth well over that, but I don’t really care) and I’m also getting a $40 bonus via the eAwards promo I’ll mention in a moment. On top of that, I’ll trigger a United bonus worth 1200 miles. I haven’t decided what to do with the other items I’m getting for “nothing.” Told you it was good!

Screenshot (99)

Then, what’s in it for me:

Beyond the stacked deals, I owe a full disclosure as to the Ebates references! Ebates is running a promotion where three referrals that result in $25+ purchases = an $85 bonus. Quite nice! So, pick one (or more) of the $25+ items (I like the camera bag!) and they’ll reward me handsomely! Thanks!

If you just want loyalty miles:

If you’re frantically collecting mileage points, United Mileage Plus is offering a bonus of 300 points when you spend $100, and 1200 on $300, so you could trigger that by stocking up on these “freebies.”

Which card should you use?

Pay with either the card you’re trying to meet a spend minimum on OR your Discover  card, which is offering 5% back at department stores…doubled to 10% for those of us in the Discover.com/Double promotion. That could be quite lucrative!

Earn more with the eAward Promotion

Use your credit card to take advantage of the “buy $50, get a $10 eAward card” promotion. I purchased two $100 e-gift cards, received a $40 bonus, and spent around $300 on merchandise I plan to get “for free.” There does not appear to be a particular link for this; just start at Sears.com (via a portal!) and find the link down on the bottom left. Yes, you will generally earn points for BUYING a gift card and also for REDEEMING a gift card, therefore doubling your rewards!

So, which gift are you getting yourself?

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