Who needs a night out? $25 in local food and drinks, free after points!

Shop Your Way Rewards (SYWR) is full of offers lately! Take a look at this or this post about a few recent offers. Not sure how this works? Read about portals and it will make a lot more sense! You can even follow the Shop Your Way Rewards guide to find the latest and greatest deals.

This offer works when you link a card to your Shop Your Way Rewards profile. Here’s the link! When you use it in a participating store, you’ll get back some percentage of your purchase in rewards – just like an online portal for brick and mortar stores.

So, on to the deal.

Spend up to $25 at a local restaurant, get 100% back in SYWR! So, if you buy a $25 gift card (as I recommend), you will receive 25,000 SYWR points, redeemable at Sears, Kmart, etc. Not bad, huh? Of course, if you only spend $3, you’ll only get 3,000…that’s why I suggest you buy the full $25 gift card to maximize this offer. You can redeem points on your groceries, so I don’t personally have any concerns about racking up too many points.


You can access this site from the ShopYourWay.com site – click the “…” then Partner Rewards then Offers. Then, choose “Eat Local” and filter off the Online restaurants. Please note that the fine print says Popeyes and Burger King are excluded!

Here’s what the site looks like. There are a lot of options, no matter where you look. The map doesn’t update when you scroll, so just keep trying neighboring cities until you find something you like.



In dear old Federal Hill, some of the neighborhood’s favorites are participating!

Screenshot (54)

Of course, if you’ve got a credit card you’re trying to meet a spend minimum on, this is another easy $25!

So, where are you taking your free night out?

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