How to Navigate Shop Your Way Rewards

I’m a big fan of this program because Sears and Kmart carry everything! There’s no concern for having points you can’t spend – just do your grocery shopping online or at Kmart. Of course, you might find a chance to spend points on wedding items such as high heel inserts, shawls, handbags, costume jewelry, decorations, bachelor and bachelorette party goods, or registry items that never got filled. If you can double dip – go out for dinner for $25 and get 25,000 points ($25 value) back that you can spend on other wedding expenses – that’s a great deal!

The following screen shots will get you to the Shop Your Way Rewards deals!

  1. Start at
  2. Click the little ellipse.

ellipse3. Select Rewards Partners


4. Select Offers


5. From here, you’ll scroll down and see what’s up and running (like the Double the Spoints or $25 Back) – just click on the banner.

6. Scroll to the very bottom (you can also do this from Step 5) to view the fine print. Read carefully!

7. Collect screenshots and fine print in case your points don’t show up later. It’s tough to make a case without the photos to help you recall details.



Questions? Leave them in the comments! Enjoy!

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