40 Free Reams of Paper + $35 Profit (Less Tax)

I don’t know what’s going on over at Staples, but they are literally going to pay you to take 80 lbs of paper off their hands. That’s ok with me; I’ll take the freebies and the travel points, especially with my Chase Ink…it gets me 5 miles per dollar!

Although the rebate in this post is valid until 10/10, the deal ends with the Staples.com price changes…so don’t delay!

How The Deal Works

Much like this previous deal, you have to make a few things come together:

  1. Find Item #122374 at your local Staples. Buy up to four!
  2. Have the cashier price-match to Staples.com (brings the price from $53.99 to $29.99), for a total of $119.96 for four.
  3. Start at Staples Easy Rebates and search for rebates by item number 122374.
  4. Print, fill out, and MAIL IN the rebate with your receipt. (Note: I suggest going with USPS First Class including tracking and insurance, all purchased and printed from www.paypal.com/shipnow. Pack up your letter or parcel and get it scanned at the Post Office. Keep an eye on the tracking information; you might even opt for a signature. Total cost should be around $5.) I know the fine print says “submit online,” but I don’t see the option over at the Rebates site…will update if I’m able to submit online tomorrow.
  5. Wait patiently for your rebate Visa card to arrive, which will be worth $39 per case or $156 total.
  6. Optionally call the number on the letter and request a check instead of the rebate card (so you can just deposit the money and be done with it all).

Here’s the fine print for the skeptics:

Purchase a Hammermill 8.5 x 11 Inch Copy Plus Copy Paper 10 Ream Case (SKU 122374) at Staples stores between 10/04/15 and 10/10/15, then submit online or mail it in to receive a Visa Prepaid card. Limit 4 rebates per name/address/household.

You can pay with Staples Rewards, if you have them, which will not disqualify you from the Staples Easy Rebate. I’ve got around $80 to burn through and a Staples Gift Card from a previous rebate, so I’ll be glad to cash those in!

That’s it! You’ll get 20,000 sheets of paper (WHEW) and make up to $9 per case (less tax) PLUS up to 5% in Staples Rewards and, finally, whatever credit card points you’re in the process of accumulating. If you personally don’t have use for that much paper, I’m sure there is a school, church, or animal shelter in town that would be happy to receive your tax-deductible donation!

Any questions?

I have a lot of practice with these, so let me know if I’ve brushed over a detail that you’re unclear on. I’m happy to edit the post. Full disclosure: I 100% intend on buying my paper tomorrow!

Please Don’t Delay!

In an effort to get this deal out (and thereby promote Unveiled Savings) I want to share this great offer with the consumers over at SlickDeals. There is this little thing called “the SlickDeals effect,” where really great deals get so much publicity they tend to bog down the vendor. So that you’re able to get your rebate fulfilled before this happens, please do your shopping on Monday or Tuesday!

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