Up to $150 worth of Staples Merchandise for $7, Ends Tomorrow

Here’s an example of pulling a whole lot of promotions together. Maybe you don’t need another 10,000 sheets of paper, but maybe you have a new credit card that has a spend limit, you’ll donate the supplies, or you don’t mind $40 worth of deeply discounted snacks, water, coffee, cleaning supplies…for the DIY couple, this isn’t a bad deal!

Minimum Deal: 10,000 Sheets of Paper for $15-18 (plus tax) plus miles of your choosing

Two more cases of paper (did you get in on last week’s deal?). Item number 122374, rebate code 15-33002 (Staples.com purchase).

Start at the portal of your choice. Looks like a deal opportunity from Southwest Rapid Rewards at the moment!


Be sure to sign in to your Staples Easy Rewards account for ~$2 (2%) back (depending on what you spend at Staples in a month, you may not get a reward; I believe you have to get $5 at a minimum). I’m a premier member, so I get 5% back.

Good Deal: 10,000 Sheets of Paper for $10-13 (plus tax) plus miles of your choosing

Check your email! Did you get a $5 off $25 code? The email, sent today, is actually titled, “A delicious deal on coffee.” The bottom icon is a code for $5 off $25 in store or online.

Better Deal: 10,000 Sheets of Paper for FREE (plus tax) plus miles of your choosing

You’ve got to be a Chase Sapphire card holder (and you should be!). This promo gets you a $15 statement credit at any of the listed stores when you use Visa Checkout. Here’s the terms and conditions. If you’re not a current card holder, you won’t be able to participate in this promotion because it ends tomorrow…but leave a comment and I’ll be on the lookout for great sign up bonuses.

Alternative Deal: 10,000 Sheets of Paper plus miles of your choosing and $42 worth of whatever for $7

I must admit I have not made my final selection of “whatever,” but I’ve added the codes to my cart and there don’t seem to be any issues. Will update if there’s a problem!

You’ve got to be a Chase Ink (business) card holder (and you should be!). This promo gets you a $30 discount when you spend $150 at Staples via Visa Checkout. Time for some math…

The paper came out to $108. A $30 discount on $150 would put me at $120. So, if add an additional $42 in merchandise, it will only cost me $12. ($150-$30-$108 = $12) Since Staples carries ‘staples’ such as food, coffee, water, and cleaning supplies, I’ll stock up. Plus, the Ink card offers 5 miles/dollar at office stores, which means I’ll get about $5 back on this purchase anyway. Here’s the final tally:

$108 paper

$42 cleaning/snacks

-$88 rebate credit

-$5 Ink rewards

-$5 Staples Easy Rewards

-$30 Credit

-$5 off $25 Coupon


$7 total plus around 400 Southwest Rapid Rewards miles, valued at ~$4.

If I were to calculate the discount of $7/$150, that would be just about 95% off…if we cut everything else out and say $7/$42, that’s around 85% off. Not shabby, either way.


I’ll probably pull the trigger on this one and make the $150 purchase! Since I regularly sell merchandise as an Amazon Seller, I can easily profit around $20 per case of paper, so I ultimately come out ahead. But, that’s a story for another day and just my personal opinion!

I will be shopping around the other Visa Checkout options tonight to see how to best maximize that $15 off. If I can find an item for $15 with free shipping (Fandango, perhaps?), it would be another free gift!

Questions? Comments?

Please let me know if this is confusing in any way. It is a complicated example of making a lot of promotions work together, which you will become proficient with as you shop and save on a long list of purchases!

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