Get $14 or $19 and 5,000 Sheets of Free Paper. Why not? Ends Saturday, 9/26!

UPDATE: Please have your cashier enter coupon code 866957 or print the $9.99 coupon here.

Maybe you have some DIY projects coming up (invitations, programs, name cards), you teach and are always in need of supplies, own a small business or work for a non-profit…ten reams of paper will go a long way, and the $14 should give you a little grin (and a nice peak into the world of profitable shopping). If you recently opened a new credit card to get free honeymoon travel and need to meet a spend limit, this can contribute to your goal (research term: manufactured spend).

Swing through Staples as soon as possible, because this deal ends tomorrow!

The Hammermill 10 Ream Case is usually $53.99, but there is a nice $44 Staples Easy Rebate available through 9/26. Show the cashier that this item (number 122374) is $29.99 online, and they’ll “100% Price Guarantee” it for you. Please have your cashier enter coupon code 866957 or print the $9.99 coupon here. (This, apparently, activates the rebate…although the Chat representative was able to honor it for me because the terms and conditions make no mention of this requirement. Let me know if you have trouble.)

Get a $44 Visa (R) Prepaid Card on a Hammermill 8.5 x 11 Inch Copy Plus Copy Paper 10 Ream Case (SKU 122374) at Staples Stores ONLY

Staples Easy Rebates are SO easy to use. Don’t be afraid that it won’t come through; you can register online and keep the paper until your rebate card shows up if you need to.

Lastly, check your email for a bonus $5 off $25 coupon.

What about taxes?

Here in CA, this “deal” costs me $3 in taxes, so it’s a good thing that rebate was so valuable. I rarely buy things that cost me in taxes, so I offer this as an “fyi” to tack on with the 10 ream case, but wouldn’t usually do it due to the taxes.

There’s a nice coupon here for a “1cent after rebate” ream, which you can simultaneously submit online, so I did that, too.

What if they’re sold out?

If you ask nicely…they may be willing to give you ten individual reams under the 122374 code. Check to see if your store has stock. The rebate is only available on an in-store purchase, so proceed with caution if you do a hold for pickup order!

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