Free Stuff: Get Paid for your OWN Wedding Planning

Turns out you can actually make money wasting time on the internet with mindless activities. Or, if you’re in the midst of a web-hunt for the perfect napkin rings to match coral fabric on a plantation lana’i (me!) you can actually earn something for this.


In the course of a year, that napkin ring research (and all the other mindless idling) will earn enough to pay for the napkin rings themselves!

You Have to Ditch Google

I know it seems impossible, but you’ll be ok. You can still call it “googling,” even though Google is no longer your search engine.

Bing, that “other” search engine by Windows, has a program called Bing Rewards. You can earn dozens of credits each day, which accumulate toward real, live, gift cards. (I went to grab a photo of all the great prizes and splurged on an instant win game…which I didn’t win…but how much fun is buying “scratch tickets” with credits that were free? Addictive!)

Here’s The Free Stuff You Can Get

In case you need a list of great ways to redeem those credits you got for doin’ nothing (or working hard, either way):

  • Sweepstakes and instant win rewards
  • Charitable donations
    • karmakarma
    • Boys & Girls Clubs of America
    • kids in need foundation
    • Teach for America
  • Points/miles for any of the following:
    • Hawaiian Airlines
    • United
    • US Airways
    • IHG
    • JetBlue
    • Virgin America
    • FuelCircle (what is this? I’ll find out!)
  • Gift cards for any of the following:
    • Amazon
    • Applebee’s
    • Bing gear
    • Burger King
    • Chipotle
    • Domino’s
    • Fandango
    • GameStop
    • Groupon
    • Hulu Plus subscriptions
    • IHOP
    • Macy’s
    • ProFlowers
    • Sephora
    • Shari’s Berries
    • Skype
    • Starbuck’s
    • swagbucks
    • xbox, xbox live, and xbox music
    • Tango
    • Toys R Us
    • Viggle
    • Windows Store
  • Credits for fun merchandise
    • Photos printed on glass (
    • Shutterfly prints and photo books
  • Discounts
    • Microsoft Store

Here’s How it Works

Quite simply, rather than searching Google, do your research on Bing. I will admit that Google’s shopping tool is irreplaceable, but you’ll figure out what works for you. I do 90% of my searching on Bing and must admit…I love the photos (and sometimes videos!) they use every day. All you need to do is open a Windows account, which will get you a snazzy inbox, and it works much like that Google account you’re so fond of. If you’d be so kind as to use my link, I’ll even get 100 credits (~$1) when you make it to silver status (if done within 60 days). Be sure to share your own link with your other half, wedding party, etc, and you’ll be cashing out in no time. Don’t want to use my link? Join through to earn credits toward rewards such as airlines miles…welcome to the world of getting paid to get paid to get paid!

But how do I get to Silver Status?

Maybe the better question is, “why do I want to get to silver status?”

You get a 50 credit bonus when you get to silver status, and the only tricky part is remembering to ‘redeem credits for your first reward.’ I know when I saw that, I thought, “why would I want to spend my credits on *insert junk reward that was all I could afford with my current stash of credits*?” Simple! There are rewards that only cost 10 credits, so by spending 10…you earn 50…no brainer!

Here’s the chart, and, as you’ll see, I’m at a gold status – which gives me a nice discount on rewards. Click “Status” to navigate to this page, and then any of the “do this” or “get this” lines of text for direction on completing the activity.

Bing Status

How do I get credits?


The quickest way to earn credits is through referrals, which is why I suggest recruiting your wedding party, friends and family. You can get something like 850 credits, so if you’d like me to feature your link here, go ahead and send it over to me! Can’t find the link to your personal code? Here ya go! (, in case the hyperlink failed you.)


That’s obvious. You knew that. 20 per day, 150/mo to maintain gold.

Not sure what to search for? Since searching for colors (type ‘red,’ hit enter…’blue,’ hit enter…) gets boring, I like to use this as an excuse to cheat on crossword puzzles 🙂 Do what you gotta do – it’s free money!

Lastly…don’t forget to change your phone’s default and sign in to your Microsoft account so you’ll even get credit for mobile searches.


Bing has the best kind of trivia ever: they ask you a question right from their website (…and you actually search for the answer. For those of us that rarely contribute anything meaningful to their trivia team…this is great!

What do you think?

Is this an easy way to get something more for doing what you already do? Leave a comment or ask a question below!

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